Wood furniture is not equal to Green Furniture! Four reminders for purchasing.

One month ago, Mr.Zhang has bought a wood pattern cabinet and writing desk then put into the bedroom. Then less then two weeks, he felt aching all over the body. When he went to the hospital, doctor could not tell as well, but after carefully study his recent behavior, doctor found it may be lead by the HCHO over standard in his furniture. Recently, the pollution inside house has been one of the hot spot of consumers’ complaints of civil citizens, which show that furniture give out polluted air to inside leading to harmful surroundings.

This time, we have visited relevant specialists with purpose to tell you how to find the suitable wood furniture.

Four Tips for Immitating Wood Furniture

Four Tips for Immitating Wood Furniture

As far as we are concerned, at present furniture market, wood furniture has become a big category, because its fashioin style and colourful also wood patterns. Plus the reasonable prices, it is more and more popular with consumers. Specialists suggest that when you want to buy your wood furniture, please learn some idea about its technique to identify whether it is good or not, which will be the most efficient way to purchase your wood furniture.

Stress on surface quality

Wood furniture has a kind of manmade board furniture, which is made of MDF mainly as basic structure then cover with PVC/ Veneer or paper wood mark paper on the surface. The pattern is clear and nature then smooth by touching, which is good for visual and feeling. To purchase a good wood furniture, you will need to have a look at the wood itself, whether it has marks showing scratches, pressing mark, bubble, glue peeling off vaneer or glue marks etc..

Focus on manufacturing quality

Wood furniture is to cut the pre-made wood board into small pieces then decorate edges with marks and assemble small parts. So when you look at the furniture, you’d better have to a look at the cutting quality and decoration quality also pay attention to the points where lays in hardware onto the wood panels. There should be quality request for the parts angle and position. Generally speaking, we will need to ensure the cutting technology should be accurate within 0.01mm then flat on the edges also corners, then it won’t be twisted when furniture made. For edges and face panels, we will need to look at the glue whether lay out evenly, whether it is fixed stable or edge cutting smoothly. For all the side panels/ door panels/ drawers’ bottom then you can see whether you need to cover the edges, it should not be seen any glue marks after decoration done.

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