Will it be cheaper to choose direct sales of office furniture manufacturers?

As the market continues to change, people’s living standards have gradually changed. In order to meet the needs of modern people for office chairs and desks, the major office furniture manufacturers are striving to move forward, and strive to develop the best quality products for consumers. When buying office furniture, many consumers will ask such questions: Will direct sales of office furniture manufacturers really be cheaper? Now let’s talk about three advantages of choosing direct sales of office furniture manufacturers.

1.The question about the quality rate of products

Since the reform and opening up, China’s furniture industry has made unprecedented progress. As a branch of furniture industry, with the continuous updating of production technology, the increasing variety, the gradual formation of specialized production and the continuous improvement of management level, China’s office furniture industry has also made rapid development. However, the furniture industry will still  both good and bad.

If it is a product purchased in some furniture stores, it is easy to buy office desks and chairs produced by small workshops. The quality of the furniture will be relatively poor, even if the finished products, there is no high quality. While if it is the choice of direct sales of office furniture manufacturers, you can visit the manufacturer’s scale before purchasing, as well as the materials used, production equipment and system. The process can be clear. In addition to providing you with a strong quality assurance, it can also save some unnecessary problems and money.

  • Saving the middle Links

In the traditional sales model, there are usually the following links: direct sales manufacturers to national agents, then to provincial and municipal agents, the last level down to the hands of consumers. In these links, agents at all levels want to make money. So come to the consumer level, prices have risen a lot. The office furniture manufacturers direct sales, that is, manufacturers direct sales to consumers. The most obvious advantage of manufacturers direct sales is that they can directly omit the cost of layer-by-layer transmission links. So the price can be much cheaper.

In addition, when we buy office furniture, what we should consider is not only the price, but also the quality and time. If the product is not qualified or the production time is delayed, these will invisibly cause losses to consumers. So the direct sales of office furniture manufacturers can avoid these situations to the most extent.

3. Problem of production time limit

When ordering desks and chairs, many customers will enter a misunderstanding that choosing furniture after office decoration. In fact, furniture and decoration should be almost go on at the same time. On the one hand, furniture production can be guaranteed. Only synchronized, you will not delay the opening date of your own planned company. On the other hand, they can complement each other in the decoration process, so that furniture and office environment can be more perfect integration. At this time, choosing a high-quality office furniture manufacturer, they can respond quickly, and complete the shipment on time. It won’t happen that when you finish the decoration, there has no office furniture.