Why put a carpet in the office?

In the interior of the modern office, carpets are almost decorated with soft furnishings for every home. Why do office decoration like to lay carpets? Nowadays, many offices will be carpeted after renovation. So, do you know the advantages and functions of laying carpets? How to choose good carpets? Let me, who is working as carpet wholesale tell you why.

First, the strong style decoration.

Compared with flooring, ceramic tiles and other materials, the rich patterns and colors of the carpet can provide interior designers with a variety of options, bringing more possibilities to the office space. Therefore, when choosing a carpet, it can also be combined with the overall style of the office to reflect the company’s characteristics.

Second, sound absorption and noise reduction

In an open office environment, noise increases employee stress and reduces productivity. Whether at home or in the office, people are easily distracted by environmental noise, which leads to a decline in concentration. The carpet is woven with a lot of fluff, so when the texture is soft and used in the office, it can reduce the reflection of sound and play the role of sound absorption and noise reduction. Carpets can create a quiet office environment for everyone, making employees more comfortable and pleasant at work, which invisibly improves the efficiency of employees.

Third, keep warm

Due to the material and manufacturing process of the carpet, the heat has a good maintenance and conduction effect, so the carpet (especially the soft back back carpet) has good thermal insulation properties. Carpeting in the office can reduce the icy feeling of the ground and bring warmth and constant temperature. People feel comfortable when sitting and working.

Fourth, safety slip

Walking on a smooth floor, people are more prone to slipping accidents, which is very dangerous for the elderly and children. Compared to ordinary smooth floors or other hard paving materials, carpets help reduce slippage and reduce the associated personal injury. Because the carpet has a large coefficient of friction and good anti-slip performance, even if it is accidentally dropped, the soft carpet can also protect.

Five, clean and vacuum

Carpet fibers absorb irritants and dust from the air, keeping them away from the breathing zone until they are treated by a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, laying a carpet in the office can prevent the dust from flying, relatively reducing the dust content in the air and keeping the indoor air clean. In addition, the carpet can also help solve the problems of mold, mildew, etc. The bottom of the carpet is coated with a bacteriostatic coating. The porous molecular material at the bottom of the carpet can evaporate water from its cracks, thus avoiding mildew caused by humidity. And bacteria.

If you want to create a stylish, high-quality office for your company, choose a suitable office carpet for your office. Follow us to learn more about furniture wholesale.