Why do factories like to use pine as a material of armchair?

Why do factories like to use pine as a material of armchair?Why do factories like to use pine as a material of armchair?

Pine armchair is made of fast-growing pine. We can see the natural texture and color of pine after processed into boards. The natural beauty of pine trees can be perfectly displayed when made into chairs. So many people like it and many chair factories like to use pine wood to make armchairs. Why are pine armchairs so popular? Let’s get to know it.

Firstly, the pine wood has clear texture and pleasant color to highlight the texture of the furniture. Therefore, factories will generally use water paint in the process of pine armchair, because the formaldehyde content of water paint is low, so it is more environmentally friendly than painting board. This kind of paint can keep the furniture be more natural, beautiful and generous. Pine furniture has some advantages, such as simple texture, simple nature, clear color, and beautiful texture, durable. The most important is that the pine furniture has also been designated as environmental protection furniture by the United Nations Department of Humanities.

Why do factories like to use pine as a material of armchair?

In addition, pine has strong elasticity, air permeability and good thermal conductivity. Simple and generous shape and smooth and beautiful line can fully show the natural beauty and texture of pine wood. Moreover, the armchair made of pine wood is practical and durable. Compared with other solid wood furniture, pine armchair is also very simple and convenient in maintenance. Therefore, more and more consumers like this kind of furniture.

Because most of the pine furniture can be assembled by users themselves, the flat packaging makes the transportation process more convenient. The plate disassembly design, convenient transportation and installation are the most important factors favored by chair whoelsale. Besides, the most important thing is that the growth cycle of pines is short and the production cost is low. Compared with other expensive solid wood furniture, pine furniture can be said to be a product with good quality and low price. Therefore, in recent years, more and more furniture manufacturers choose to use pine furniture.

But there are some disadvantages of pine armchairs. For example, pine wood contains a lot of turpentine or impurities. Impurities will react with the air when pine furniture is exposed to the air for a long time, which will lead to darkening of furniture color. Strong sunshine and rain erosion will also increase the discoloration of pine furniture, so try to avoid sun exposure and wet. In addition, even if the pine furniture is sprayed with paint, the paint will change color for a long-term. What’s more, it is easy to crack and deform because pine wood is soft and has high moisture.

I believe you have a certain understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of pine. So you can pay some attention when you choose pine furniture.