Why are the prices of Black Rosewood sofas different?

Why are the prices of Black Rosewood sofas different?

It is well known that rosewood furniture is a valuable furniture material. Rosewood sofa is always popular in furniture market because of the durability and fragrance. What about the quality of black rosewood sofa? But why is the price gap so big as the black acid branch of mahogany? Today, let’s learn something about the black acid branch of mahogany.

First of all, the black rosewood is a general name of rosewood furniture. From the national standard of rosewood, the black rosewood has eight kinds of materials:

1. Romer blackDalbergia 

 2. Dalbergia melanoxylon

3. Dalbergia latifolia

 4. Dalbergia fusca

5. Dalbergia stevensonii Honduras rosewood

6. Burma blackwood

7 Amazon Blackwood,

8. Jacaranda rosa

And only these above black rosewood are authentic.

Secondly, in terms of price, the price of black rosewood is much higher than that of Burma Rosewood and Bali sandalwood, such as East African sandalwood, Romer sandalwood and Belize, which can be said to have reached the category of high-end mahogany furniture. However, some black rosewood china sofas wholesale only use cheap Cambodian rosewood, East Africa rosewood, Australian rosewood, although these are black rosewood, the properties and some indicators are far from reaching the national standard of mahogany analysis category. They only can be regarded as precious dark hardwood and the price is only equivalent to the lowest national standard of PterocarpuserinaceusPoir. This kind of black rosewoos sofa has poor stability. It is easy to crack and deform if the drying treatment is not good, and the value will not be very high.

A set of most expensive black mahogany sofa ranges from 280,000 Yuan to 450,000 Yuan, and the better sofas range from 100,000Yuan to 200,000Yuan. However, the so-called black rosewood sofas of non-national standard, such as East Africa rosewood, Cambodian rosewood and Australian rosewood are generally between 30,000 Yuan and 40,000 Yuan. Their hardness and stability cannot meet the requirements of national standard mahogany, and they are only can seen as miscellaneous tree.

For various reasons, the output of raw materials of national standard mahogany furniture is becoming less and less, which leads many manufacturers to develop new wood varieties to replace expensive mahogany. For example, in recent years, more and more popular black rosewood in East Africa, Cambodia and Australia are also called black rosewood. Even many enterprises call them black rosewood when they deepen the color of some cheap wood. Consumers do not know the classification and origin of black rosewood, and it is easy to buy black rosewood sofa with poor quality or even fake by some bad merchants recommending.

Rosewood furniture has different origins, materials and prices, but the national standard black rosewood furniture is definitely expensive, and the non-national standard is cheaper. It is known as black rosewood if the price is lower than the national standard mahogany furniture. Then we should pay more attention to it. Finally, we must know clearly the origin, performance, indicators of the product material and confirm its authenticity when we buy black rosewood sofa.