Which Kind Of Sofa Is Best?

 Which Kind Of Sofa Is Best?

Our home will be more comfortable if we choose a set of sofa which is suitable for our life style. What kind of material and style of sofa is the best? First of all, according to the material we can divide the sofa into three categories: leather sofa, fabric sofa and solid wood sofa. According to the style, it can be divided into Chinese style, American style, modern style, European style and so on. So which one is better? Today let’s analyse.

The most commonly used wood of Chinese sofa are Pinus koraiensis Sieb, Ash, Manchurian Ash, Beech, Pearwood. Different wood has different characteristics, so sofas of different wood have their own characteristics. Solid wood sofa is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is suitable for all seasons. In summer, the material of solid wood is cool and smooth. The sponge cushion can make the sofa comfortable and warm in winter. This kind of sofa is welcomed by many people, and the service life of solid wood sofa is more than ten times that of other sofas, which is very durable.


American sofas pay attention to freedom and comfort, but they are heavy and large. The lines of American sofas are more concise and natural. The traditional design of spring and foam are used in the base of American sofa, which makes the sofa very strong and durable.

European sofa is rich in modern style. The parts of sofa are composed of symmetrical curves or curved surfaces. The gold-plated bronze decoration and exquisite sculpture are very elegant. This kind of sofa can be used to all kinds of living rooms and is very elegant and luxury. Recently, light-colored   sofas are more popular, such as white and beige.

 Modern-style sofa is fashion, simple and beautiful. Simple design is most suitable for modern home decoration. Modern style sofa use a large number of simple elements, such as pure color, lines. And Modern style sofa abandons all kinds of complex decoration. It can catch people’s eyes in an instant and add a bright color to the living room.


The sofa is the focus of the living room furniture wholesale. The choice of sofa needs to be based on the style of home. This not only makes the style of home more unified, but also makes the living room look more harmonious.