What’s the difference between different styles of Dining tables?

What's the difference between different styles of Dining tables?What's the difference between different styles of Dining tables?

Different styles of living room deduce different life styles. If you want to reflect your life style, the best is buying dining table. Now let’s see the styles of dining tables, and the differences between different styles of dining tables.

Chinese Classical Style Table

Chinese classical style is noble, elegant and dignified. Besides, Chinese classical style has profound historical and cultural implications. The dining tables of Chinese classical style generally use solid wood as the main material, and the surface of dining table is deep brown and red under elegant lighting, so that our house more unique. The layout of furniture is symmetrical and balanced, the unique and stable modeling table can embody the essence of Chinese culture vividly. These kind of dining tables permeate thousands of years of Oriental Chinese civilization. They are never out of date and exude charming oriental charm over time.

What's the difference between different styles of Dining tables?

European classical style table

European classical style dining table is gorgeous and luxurious. The line of the table frame are decorated with gold thread and gold in order to express the gorgeous style. This style is gorgeous and elegant. Other decorations should not be ignored, such as wallpaper, carpet and curtain. You can also add some classical decorations on the wall, which can make your room more European classical flavor.

Modern style dining table

This is a kind of simple dining table, most of them are made the modern materials. The style will be more modern, simplified, more suitable for modern people, especially young people. The color and style of the table are changing fast. The table also has different popular colors at different times. For example, in the past few years, more people will buy walnut-colored tables. Recently, dark brown and simple ivory are popular. Modern style table also emphasizes practicality in order to adapt to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The characteristics of modern style is simple and light without too much decoration. Modern style dining tables also always like to use new technology materials and processes to create fashion style.

What's the difference between different styles of Dining tables?

American style dining table

American style dining table pays attention to comfort, design, practicality and multi-function. From the point of view of shape, American style dining table can be divided into three categories: classical style, neoclassical style and pastoral style. Nostalgia and romance are the best generalizations of American classical tables. The American pastoral style sofa is the most beautiful decoration style that can show the primitive natural beauty. People can enjoy more local and natural decoration style in the American pastoral style dining table. This style can bring people a sense of tranquility and comfort, so it is deeply loved by the public.

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