What’s the appropriate height of sofas?

The sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in our living room. It will have a good decorative effect if the sofa is chosen well. We can sit comfortably if we choose appropriate height sofa. Generally speaking, the height of the sofa refers to the distance from the ground to the top of the sofa, which is the same as the general concept of “height”. How height of buying sofa is appropriate ? Let’s learn something about it.

The height of the sofa should be in line with the height of the bending knee. The height of the sofa should be between 35 and 42 centimeters for Asians in order to make people feel comfortable. The height of sofas in Europe and the United States will be relatively higher, about 43-47 centimeters. It should be combined with the style of the whole sofa to choose the height of the sofa.

The foot can not touch the ground or the foot are suspended if the surface of seat is too high. So the weight of the body will be pressed on the legs, forcing the back muscles to tighten. The leg and back muscles will feel painful and unbearable for a long time, so the height of the sofa can not be too high. It will make the back muscles unable to place or stand up if the height is too low. It is not good for the human body to keep such a sitting posture for a long time. Only choosing a sofa of moderate height can we really relax or comfortable.

In addition, the comfort of the sofa depends to a large extent on the depth of the seat. The seating depth of a single sofa should be between 50 and 70 centimeters. Double or triple sofa only change the seat width, while the seat height is in line with the seat height of single sofa. Moreover, some imported sofas, European sofas, classical sofas, American sofas are relatively large, whose seat height may reach 90 centimeters.

Some consumers like deep sofas because they feel relaxed sitting on them. But the depth of the sofa should not be too deep. Deep height will easily lead to backache. You can choose some good quality furniture wholesale to buy sofas, it can save much money.