What’s the advantages of sofa-bed?

People pay more and more attention to the beauty and practicality in the style of home decoration design. Many people hope that every space can have storage function to make full use of space. And a beautiful and practical folding sofa or sofa-bed can meet our “space saving” and “decorative space” design requirements at the same time, which directly solves the space problem. So what is a sofa-bed and what are its advantages? Let’s know it together.

As the name implies, sofa-bed can be used as a multi-functional furniture product. First of all, you need to know the principle of the sofa-bed: a part of the cushion can be folded up because the sofa is connected by two iron joints of the seat frame and the backrest. The design principle of the iron joints is the same as that of the bicycle pedal to put the cushion back or flat by pressure. That is to say, the sofa becomes a sofa-bed by stretching out and pulling up the cushion.

The quality of sofa -bed needs special attention because sofa-bed takes into account both sofa and bed functions. The most important is the quality of spring and the comfort of mattress. The quality of spring mattress depends on supporting the weight of the human body. In addition, the material of the mattress needs good air permeability, so as to keep the spring mattress in good health and safety condition.

Sofa-bed has a great effect on both practical and decorative. Especially for small apartments, the function of sofa-bed can reflect a good effect. There are many different types of sofa beds, which can be divided into single bed and double bed.

Finally, although the sofa-bed is only a piece of furniture, it can also be said to be our intimate partner. We will feel relax and comfortable when lying on a sofa-bed. So it is better to choose some famous furniture manufactures.