What’s paper furniture? Advantages?

Have you ever seen paper furniture? Can you believe that paper furniture can support adult male weight? Why furniture made of such thin paper can creat such effect? Followed by technology development, people’s think mould changes as well. Some famous designers has tried to adopt new materials to replace traditional materials, then invents paper furniture. Now let’s us discuss the advantages of paper furniture.


When you see these furniture made of paper, you will be eyes opened wide and give your compliments. However, design of paper furniture is not smooth. We all know that paper is crisp then it will be crack if furniture made by paper, which is not steady and wobbly. However, after several trying of designers, craft paper made furniture design had been completed.

Enviorment-friendly: Nowadays, green /healthy / safety are the main direction of furniture design, which paper furniture just meet such demand of development and win lots of positive feedback from the market. For paper furniture recycling can be up to 15 to 17 times without any waste and durable for finished items with long life time.

Most people will pay attention to HCHO proposition, while the main factors affect HCHO is materials used to make furniture. Manmade boards are ususally used glues including HCHO, which composition will be more than standard. So even if solid wood furniture with slogan of enviormental friendly is not absolutely HCHO free, which will still have some. However, paper furniture is different, which is made of 100% paper without any oil or paint, so there will be no pollution by HCHO and the most safest furniture.


Easy and light for transportation: First of all, paper furniture is much lighter than other furniture. Secondly paper furniture has the same weight support as traditional furniture, but weight is only 1/3, which can be cost reduction. Besides, folding/ KD structure can be flat-pack. Easy to move and assemble, which make your moving more easily. For example, when you fold the furniture as a book, then move to the other places then it will be easier?

Creation: Paper furniture has advantage in IQ development. Paper furniture is creative and friendly, which can be changed into any shape you like, also you can print colourful patterns, contributing to the IQ-oriented needs of children furniture. Besides, as children are growing rapidly, they have quicker request of replacement, which paper furniture can reduce the family’s financial burden at most degree with its lower costs, then they can purchase more paper furniture with less capital.

Finally, cleaing of paper furniture is more convenient than other furniture. When you fold them up, dust will fall off automatically. Then it is difficult to hide dust with paper feature. Even if they meet water, it is more easily to show more folding bits. So this HCHO Zero and light weight safe paper furniture have great advantage in marketing with potential in future.