What should we pay attention to place the sofa in office?

What should we pay attention to place the sofa in office?

At present, there are various sofas on the market. The sofa color, pattern and material have a variety of different characteristics. The sofa is one of the most important furniture in the office. We must consider carefully when choosing it. First of all, we need to ensure that the sofa conforms to the decorative style of the office except considering the style collocation. The most important thing in the office is the way to place the sofa. To a large extent, the layout of sofa determines the overall effect of the negotiation, and even affects our working status. Now let’s learn about the layout of sofa in the office. 

It is the primary taboo that the office sofa is placed near the door and people sit behind the door. The door is the place where people enter and leave, the vents and air circulates of the office. He will have no backing behind him if a person sits with his back to the door. So it is better not to have doors and windows or aisles behind the sofa, besides, and it will affect personal office efficiency if there are people.

The so-called patron in the office is a wall. The sofa should be as close to the wall as possible in order to have patron behind it. Some offices cannot find a wall to rely on when they place sofas because of limited space. They can also put some cabinets or screens behind sofas, thus creating an artificial backer as a remedy.

Nowadays, many office tower of high building have bright French windows, which can overlook the buildings, and have a sense of superiority. And the daylighting near the window is very good, some people like to put the office sofa parallel to the window, the sofa is placed in front of the floor window, with the window as the back support, but this way of placing office sofa is also wrong. The sofa had better not behind the window or door. In addition, windows are very close to the outside and there will have noise, which will effect talking with customers, but also affect their own work efficiency.

 Secondly, in China’s traditional decoration, if the sofa and the door are in a straight line, then it will be called opposition. This pattern is very unfavorable to the office environment, so we should be careful about the sofa placement.

The sofa of family should pay attention to crossbeams of the ceiling. Generally, the sofa will not be placed under the crossbeams; office sofa placement has the same principle. If the sofa is under the crossbeams, it will give a strong sense of depression; people feel uncomfortable and affect our health for a long time, so the sofa can’t be placed under the beam.

The sofa is the necessary furniture in the office. So placement of is very important in the office. Therefore, at some extent, the sofa placement, layout or size can also bring good luck to us.