What should we pay attention to buy a sofa on Tmall?

What should we pay attention to buy a sofa on Tmall?

I believe that the first furniture you buy when decorating a new house is a sofa. It’s bound to choose buy online or Physical store when buying sofa. We can see the exact physical objects in physical stores, but now it is very convenient to choose or shopping online. Of course, compared with physical stores, there is a certain risk in Tmall, because we can not see the object, the volume and material. We only see the beautiful photos online. So you may find that it really doesn’t suit you or the quality is not good after buying. And it’s inconvenient for returning goods. You can choose to buy a sofa in Tmall as long as you pay attention to these following points.

Read the buyer commentary

The buyer’s comments are very important when purchasing online. It may be more important to look at comments than to look at descriptions of various types of products when purchasing furniture online. Some real comments can help you to better judge whether the real situation of the sofa meets your requirements. At the same time, people’s comments are also very important. Therefore, you can get more effective sofa product information by analyzing the buyer’s opinions in all aspects.

Confirm the size of the sofa

Because online shopping can not see the size of the sofa by eyes, it is particularly important to measure the size of the sofa. It is necessary to measure the space as many times as possible in home measurement and calculation. So we can judge whether the space is appropriate and feel the size of furniture more intuitively. It should be purchased according to the maximum size of the sofa after expansion if the furniture is foldable and retractable, then. At the same time, the size of the porch should also be confirmed to avoid the problem of sofa moving.

Choose sofa style

Because online shopping is easily deceived by beautiful pictures, we must be reasonably restrained before impulsive consumption. People are actually more likely to buy sofas that are seriously different from their own style except material problems of the sofa. For example, someone may buy a European luxury style sofa but his home decoration is Chinese style, so it may affect the style of the whole family. So you must be considering many aspects before you buying it. It’s best to find some sofa brands that match your family style before choosing a sofa.

Carefully understand the return and exchange policy

It is troublesome enough that transporting for large furniture. It is the most difficult thing to return it when you assemble it and find it does not meet your expectations. It is difficult to communicate with businesses of returning, so it is very important to know the return and exchange policy in advance. Such as returns, limited time for return policy, charge for returns. All these should be asked in advance.

In addition, we need to pay attention to a lot of issues when buying sofas on Tmall, such as transportation, customs duties of overseas, freight rates. Therefore, we should spend more time to pick out good furniture wholesale.