What should we notice when choosing the living room carpet?

The living room is the largest place in the family space and the longest space for guests to visit. The matching of the living room carpet can not only reduce the cold feeling of the ground, but also make the decoration of the entire house price shine, leaving a deep impression on the guests. So how should the carpet match the living room furniture? Let’s take a look today.

First, the living room carpet and the overall style

The living room is a place to entertain guests. The choice of living room carpets must not only conform to the overall interior decoration style, but also play its own characteristics and enhance the overall environment. For the simple living room environment, we can choose to decorate the bright carpet to enhance the overall appeal. In short, the color of the living room carpet can be coordinated with the overall home decoration style.

For example, the American style usually chooses patterns with European-style carved patterns. The modern minimalist style of carpet is mostly white and beige. The carpet pattern is usually simple stripes and geometry. The new Chinese style can choose some darker carpets. The patterns are mostly flowers, birds, insects and fish.

Second, according to the overall color to choose the carpet

If it is dark furniture and the ground, you can choose a light-colored carpet, because the darkness of the furniture and the floor will inevitably make the space look depressed, so the light-colored carpet can take the neutral effect to alleviate this. Repressed. In the case of light-colored furniture and floors, a dark carpet can be chosen for this situation. After all, if the color of the home is light, the whole space looks too dull, and only with a dark carpet can make the living room look less boring.

Dark furniture and light-colored floors can be paired with a mid-tone rug to make the space look more layered. Light-colored furniture and dark ground are recommended to match the light-colored rug that is darker than the furniture, which can open the darkness of the depression and make the living room look more layered.

Third, the size of the living room carpet

Many people think that the carpet in the living room is too small, and the overall look will be very small, but if you choose a large carpet, it looks very cumbersome and it is difficult to improve the quality of the family. So how big is the carpet to choose? In this regard, the suggestion of carpet wholesaler is that the size of the carpet should not cover all the furniture, and the half of the furniture can be laid, so that the effect will be more beautiful.

The easiest way is to use the sofa as a reference. One is a 3+2 sofa, and the other is an L-shaped sofa. The size of the matching carpet is about 2000*2900mm. Of course, this is a reference. If your home chooses a two-person sofa, you should also adjust the size of the carpet according to the size of the sofa.

Fourth, which material is good for the carpet

Living room carpets can be used to select wool carpets, blended carpets, chemical fiber carpets, and more. If you want a good, high-grade, comfortable carpet, you can choose a wool carpet. If you don’t have enough budget, you can choose other materials for the carpet. This mainly depends on your own budget and preferences.