What should be noticed with the furniture arrangement in home life?

What should be noticed with the furniture arrangement in home life?What should be noticed with the furniture arrangement in home life?

There are two types of furniture arrangement: regular and irregular. The regular expression is symmetrical, and the atmosphere is serious and solemn. It is often used in conference rooms and banquet halls. Irregular form is asymmetric, free and lively atmosphere, suitable for modern family life, often used at home. In general, the number and type of furniture should not be too much, and it is appropriate to occupy 35% to 40% of the room area. If it exceeds 55%, it will make people feel crowded. Today, we will tell you more specifically what principles should be followed in furniture layout in home life.

For large families, each area has a clear functional division. The dining room and living room can be separated by furniture, but the lighting and ventilation issues must be considered at the same time.

The wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom is not suitable for placing in a bright place, because the face can be clearly seen when facing the light source. In other words, the mirror is in the dark, and the person is suitable in the light. In addition, the mirror must not be placed facing the bedside, otherwise it is very easy to be scared by the reflection of the mirror when you wake up.

It is advisable to place the closet near the wall and the corner. The shadow generated by the closet should be minimized. In addition, low furniture and decorations should not be placed in the shadow of the large closet, so as not to affect the decorative effect.

Of course, the complete set of furniture is well designed and arranged, but sometimes because of the need to buy one by one, a variety of different styles of furniture put together may produce unexpected results. But there must be a variety of unified conditions. For example, the style of the coffee table and dining chair is not the same as the decoration style, but the colors should be similar to the decoration style, or the colors should be the same but the styles are different.

Some people think that buying a large brand of furniture manufacture products and placing one or two pieces of high-end furniture can make the whole room gorgeous and noble. But flashy things do not show an improvement in the quality of life, but instead become a burden on life. Therefore, the furniture should be practical, such as the modern minimalist furniture. Its more emphasis on function first, the style reflects simple and stylish, simple lines. Large and small units are suitable for modern needs.

Generally speaking, watching TV stand at home is longer, so the placement of the TV cabinet is very important. It is advisable for people to watch TV in the past, which is slightly higher than the horizon of the people. It is 1.1 meters high so that they can watch TV comfortably. Especially leaning on the sofa to watch TV should be higher than this position, otherwise it is easy to doze off with your eyelids down.

The above are some tips on furniture layout in home life. I wonder if you have a certain understanding of furniture layout?