What should be noticed in the design process of the dining room bar?

The bar is a symbol of taste and leisure life and a representative of fashion. Whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, the family likes to have a bar in the dining area, and the family dining room bar is generally designed in the shape of “L” or “T”. So, do you know what the dining room bar in the family needs to pay attention to during the design process? Let’s take a look at it together.

Firstly, the size of the bar.

The depth of the countertop must be determined by the function of the bar. If the function of the bar is just to drink or dine, then the width of the countertop must be larger. If it is just a simple drink, the width of the bar can be narrowed appropriately. Let the bar be more design-oriented, and the direct distance between people can be closer. In addition, there is usually a high-seat seat in front of the stage. At this time, the table itself has to protrude from the bar itself, so the depth of the table should be at least 60 cm. This depth of the bar is also compared to the storage of storage and chairs. The bar design in some corners requires at least 90 cm of operating space, and the height of the bar is available in two sizes: a single-layer bar of about 110 cm, a double-bar counter of about 80-105 cm, and a gap of at least 25 cm for placing items such as tableware. Generally, the minimum length of the sink of the bar is 60 cm, and the countertop is also 60 cm, and other lengths can be determined according to their own needs.

What should be noticed in the design process of the dining room bar?

Secondly, the position requirements of the bar.

There are no specific rules for the location of the bar. If you are integrating the bar into the main position of the space, you should consider the direction of the moving line. Inappropriate rod positions can affect the design of circuits and piping, especially the design of lines and drains. The drain pipe should have a certain angle of inclination. If the bar is located close to the outside, the drain can be connected to the outdoor drain-independent pipe; if the pipe is intended to be connected to the pipe and the angle of inclination is not sufficient, the pipe must be installed from the ceiling or wall, which can be cumbersome and costly to construct. In addition, if you want to use high-power appliances such as induction cookers in the bar, it is best to design a separate circuit to avoid circuit tripping.

What should be noticed in the design process of the dining room bar?

Last but not least, the configuration of the bar.

Bar chairs can be divided into two categories: a central axis bar chair with a rotating angle and a fixed high bar stool. However, when choosing and buying a bar stool, you should consider the material and appearance, and pay attention to the combination of the height of the bar and the height of the seat, otherwise it will give people an uncomfortable feeling. Cup holders and wine racks are also necessary because they are good helpers for saving space.

The atmosphere of the bar needs to be created by lighting, so you need to think about it when choosing the lights. The use of warm light is more suitable for creating an atmosphere for the bar. Some fixtures can be placed on the wine cabinet, but the lights should not be too bright. In the summer, a 15 watt blue light bulb gives a cool and quiet feeling; in winter, an orange light bulb can be used to create a warm and awkward effect.

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