What should be caution when customizing panel furniture?

The old custom house always gives people the impression of a high-end, magnificent and classy. It often takes over hundred thousand for the whole house. And people generally prefer the old solid wood furniture, so home customization is not very common at that time. But in recent years, with the more mature technology of home customization, the price of the whole house can even be as low as 30 thousand. Besides, the styles are various and novel. They can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of the owners. The environmental protection coefficient is getting higher and higher. Basically, methanol pollution can be ignored. It has become the first choice of the new owners. But when choosing customized panel furniture, we can not ignore some items. So what items should we pay attention to when customizing panel furniture ? Let’s learn about it.

1. we will find that many furniture looks beautiful when they are placed in other people’s homes. Then you want to buy the same furniture. However, each home furnishing style is different and the space of furniture is different. Even though the furniture is really nice, it may not show the same effect on your home environment. So we must not blindly choose furniture. According to the actual situation of the owner, custom furniture can be completely designed and we can make full use of space. It can fully reflect the personalized needs from the appearance and the use. It can also make the home atmosphere more comfortable and beautiful. Therefore, some large furniture, such as customizing wardrobe, has gradually become a trend.

2. But the biggest risk of customized furniture is that we can’t predict the final effect of the finished product when buying dining table. Therefore, careful consideration must be taken in determining the furniture design scheme. Generally, the designers of furniture entrepreneurs will give the design plan according to the size and willingness of the householders. But many people think it’s very complicated, they will sign to confirm it without thought. When the product is installed, they find the size is not right. Then it will become troublesome to change. You can imagine that if a customized panel door is not properly sized, no matter what method you use to install it. It will be particularly wrong when you see it, or even if you can’t turn it off. That’s too bad.

3. The quality of furniture depends on the choice of board and technology. We must see clearly whether the glue on the edge of the plate and the surface decoration is uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the edge is smooth, whether the side panels, door panels and drawer plates of the parts can be closed. In addition, we should also pay attention to the tightness of the edge veneer. The quality of the sealing edge can be said to be one of the factors that influence the custom-made panel furniture. If the quality of the edge is not good, the plate will appear uneven and tilted over time.

Therefore, when you get the design, you must read it carefully. If you really don’t understand these data, you can also personally ask designers explain slightly. It will be easy for you to understand. You can ask the designer to change if there are something inappropriate. In short, don’t be shy to ask the designer to change.  When the furniture finish , changes will be more trouble.

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