What shape design does the carpet have?

Want to add some decorations to the empty room? Carpets are definitely the best and the softest decorations that are the easiest to add. Different types of carpets can also create different interior styles. Busy and stressful in modern urban life, a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. Nowadays, the shape of the carpet is very diverse. What is the fashion trend of carpet design for carpet wholesale? Let’s take a look together.

First, the square carpet.

Square rugs are loved by customers for their small size. Buy this type of carpet, you can choose the size of the carpet you buy according to the size of the room and the furnishings, no need to worry about buying big or buying small. The carpet tile composition is generally very beautiful, rich in color, rich in ornamentation, and the carpet tile is easy to clean, flexible to lay, can change the orientation at will, giving people a sense of freshness from time to time.

Second, the round carpet.

Oval and round rugs are usually paired with simple patterns and bright colors. Carpets of this shape are often used in combination with carpets that are large and single color. The laying position is often in a more prominent position such as the conference area, the front of a single sofa, and the center of the activity area. Moreover, the carpet is usually made of pure wool, which has good quality and high ornamental value, and is more suitable for the owners of large family houses.

Third, the flower pattern mosaic carpet.

Carpet is a modern type of carpet. It is made up of small square carpets with patterns. It can be spliced ​​and laid according to the user’s wishes. Just like the floorboard, it can create the ideal pattern. The specifications of such carpets sold on the market are mostly 50cm square, usually sold in boxes, which are laid out to save labor and materials. After using for a period of time, the worn parts can be moved and dispersed, and it is easy to remove and clean up in case of serious stains. Therefore, many young people have chosen.

Fourth, the non-slip carpet.

The bottom of the PVC non-slip carpet is made of special non-slip material PVC, which is similar in size to the seat cushion, and it can also be a highlight of the entire room layout. For smooth floors, PVC non-slip carpets can serve as a safe transition. Many people prefer to walk barefoot in the bedroom, so they can place PVC non-slip carpets in such places. In addition, the carpet is also very suitable for use in the bathroom, which can increase the comfort and safety of the bathroom.

A beautiful carpet not only has the function of beautifying the living room furniture, but also has the function of clean air. The color of the carpet is varied, and each carpet of different shapes and designs can give different meanings and feelings. The choice of carpet not only reflects the carpet itself, but also reflects the decoration style of your room and your taste, so be sure to choose the most suitable carpet for your home.