What role does furniture play in indoor environment?

The function construction or perfection of interior space is a complicated process, which can not be separated from the participation of furniture.To some extent, furniture is an important medium, which show us the spatial characteristics of interior space design. In the process of deepening the design of interior space, the difference of environmental function of different interior space can be showed to us through the furniture.Take the seat as an example, it is mainly for people to sit on. However, for the changeable characteristics of the environment, it has to be demonstrated by the convenience of stacking, assembling or disassembling the nature of component seats. It can be seen that the difference of different interior spaces makes the unique of furniture design .

Nowadays, the indoor environment is inseparable from information technology. The formation of the indoor environment space is also affected by it, and various new and convenient high-tech electronic products are scattered in every corner of the office space. People’s life and work has also changed. The informative characteristics of the space prompt the modern furniture design to make a new response. For example, with the development of network and visualization technology, the functions of modern office meeting rooms are becoming more and more powerful. People can show the results to the participants more intuitively through projection. The remote conference is also realized through the continuous maturity of video equipment technology. Faced with the increasingly rich and changing functional characteristics of conference rooms, traditional conference tables can not meet the requirements of use.

In order to meet the requirements of indoor environment, it is necessary to improve the traditional conference tables. The newly designed conference tables can be used as meeting desks, which can be folded or split into suitable meeting spaces. It can be seen that in our daily life, the application of multi-functional office furniture has been more extensive. Multifunctional furniture is a kind of modern furniture product, which realizes other new functions on the basis of the original functions of traditional furniture. It is a redesign of furniture. Because the existing furniture can not meet the needs of consumers, the emergence of multifunctional furniture has undoubtedly solved a lot of problems. In the future, multifunctional furniture will even become the mainstream of the furniture industry.

Furniture, the important platform, conveys the function of space. Furniture can not be separated from its environment. The simple furniture design, which divorces from the environmental characteristics, can not give full play to the function and utility of the space, and also make the space appear mediocre and insipid. Therefore, furniture bears the specific function of interior design, and plays an irreplaceable role in indoor environment comfort and aesthetics.