What role does a living room carpet have?

What role does a living room carpet have?What role does a living room carpet have?

If you want to make your home look more beautiful, but do not want to redecorate the tiled floor, the best way to cook is to choose a carpet. A suitable rug makes you feel differently warm like a warm quilt. Today, we will analyze what features the carpet has at home and how to choose the right carpet.

Carpet’s first feature: use color contrast to create visual focus

For some relatively spacious homes, there are two common ways of decorating. One is that the floor is white and the carpet is a log color; the other is that the floor is a log color and the carpet is white. This is very easy for our vision to lose attention and cause visual logic confusion in this space, so it is best to use a carpet that contrasts strongly with the ground color so that we can find focus in the space.

The second function of the carpet: color correspondence, bright space

If you want to use a very clear color combination in a space, then the carpet can naturally become a key part of it. For example, a red carpet can be combined with a green decorative painting to form a complementary color combination. However, it should be noted that if the indoor floor is dark or the lighting is poor, choosing a light-colored carpet can effectively increase the reflection and refraction of light, thereby achieving the effect of illuminating the space. But the use of colorful carpets in small houses or poorly lit spaces is a disaster. Therefore, it is best to determine the proportion of this color in the entire carpet based on the size and lighting of your home.

The third function of the carpet: visual connection

If there is too much color contrast between the floor and the furniture, then a carpet in between can bring us a more comfortable visual transition. Therefore, if the color of the floor is lighter, the color of the furniture is darker, or the color of the floor is heavy and the color of the furniture is light, then the color of the carpet is the best value between the two.

The fourth function of the carpet: visual separation

If the color of the floor is too close to the color of the furniture, it is easy to mix them. At this time, you need to use two color contrasting color carpets to divide them into two halves, and the color of the carpet must be in the same color family as possible while it has a strong contrast with the home, so as not to appear uncoordinated. For example, dark furniture with light carpet, or white furniture with dark carpet.

The fifth function of the carpet: creating a space center of gravity

If it is too close to the color of the floor and the color of the furniture, it will easily cause the space to lose the center of gravity. This is not a good thing, but it will make the home look empty, boring, and boring. Therefore, at this time, we may choose dark carpet as the center of gravity of the entire space. As long as the weightlessness of the space is avoided, the use of the carpet will also enhance the living experience.

The sixth function of the carpet: filling the visual gap

In practice, we often encounter this situation, that is, all the furniture and decoration are in place, but the space is still slightly blank. So we might as well choose a beautiful rug to fill the visual gap, so that the space appears fuller and multi-level.

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