What kind of dining chair is good?

We may like the chair when we just look at the shape and design at first sight. So we think it will be wonderful if it is placed in own home.

However, it is absolutely impossible to judge whether a chair is good or not. A good chair must be fashionable in appearance and comfortable in sitting. It is important for us to sit down and feel by ourselves.

The comfort of a dining chair is also closely related to the size of the human body. Just like people and people’s height will also have certain differences, generally speaking, northerners are tall, southerners are short, and the size of dining chairs varies, which will also affect the comfort of chairs. So, what kind of dining chair is good? How to judge whether the dining chair is comfortable or not? Now let’s get to know it.

The seat height of the dining chair should be equal to the length of the calf. The calf will drop naturally and the sole of the foot will fall on the ground after sitting down. It’s not good for our health if the seat is too high with legs hanging. It will be also uncomfortable sitting for a long time if the seat height is too low. For most people, the appropriate height of the cushion off the ground is about 40-53 centimeters.

      We all know that dining chairs are mainly used for sitting. So the seat depth of chairs should be equal to the length of thighs, which can make the knee bend just to the edge of the chair. If the seat surface is too wide, there will be embarrassing situations such as waist and back cannot lean or knee cannot bend. It’s not comfortable if the seat surface is too narrow.

    The back of dining chair can support waist, back and neck effectively. The longer you sit in a chair, the more you need to support these three parts so that you don’t seem tired. The comfort of neck can be ignored because dining chairs are only used for meals.

    Nowadays, there are many kinds of dining chairs on the market and the shapes are changeable. We classify them according to their materials as solid wood chairs, cloth chairs, glass chairs, iron chairs, leather chairs, plastic chairs and so on. Besides the size of chair, the material of dining chair is also worth exploring.

Common materials of dining chair manufacturers are solid wood, cloth and leather. The texture of solid wood is delicate, natural and environmental protection, so solid wood dining chair has a long service life. Fabric dining chair is easy to clean and change, we can change the cushion with different seasons. The leather chair can be noble, but need to be maintained regularly. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages; you can combine the desired effect and family decoration style before making a decision.