What kind of curtains should we use in the living room?

There are windows in every home, after all, windows are connected to the indoor and outdoor air. However, the windows are made of transparent glass and frame. For our privacy and the indoor furniture is not exposed to the sun, curtains are used to cover it. So what kind of curtains should be used in the living room? Let’s learn with us how to choose curtains in furniture wholesale.

In the selection of living room curtains, attention should be paid to the level and decoration, and coordination with the overall home design should also be considered. Overall, it needs to be bright and concise. In addition, the purchase of living room curtains, according to different decorative styles to choose the corresponding curtain styles, colors and patterns.

Choose the right texture to decorate. Generally speaking, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, sheer gauze, and mesh cloth are very suitable for living room and balcony use. Not only can it pass a certain amount of natural light, but it can also give a sense of privacy and security to the interior during the day. The texture of satin and flocked curtains is very delicate, looks luxurious and rich, and has good shading and sound insulation, but the price is relatively high.

Choose according to the environment. The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the natural environment. For example, curtains of different colors can also be selected according to the season. Cold-colored curtains should be used in summer, warm-colored curtains should be used in winter, and neutral-colored curtains can be used in spring and autumn.

Coordinate with the whole room. From the perspective of the overall coordination of the living room, it should be considered whether the color of the curtain and the wall, furniture, floor, etc. match. If the furniture has not been set, you can refer to the wall color first when buying curtains; if you have set the furniture, you can refer to the overall color of the furniture and the color of the sofa cushion.

Choose curtain patterns according to the background wall. In the case of many colors in the entire space, especially the complicated pattern of the wallpaper, many curtain designers may consider making plain curtains. But in the complicated space, the complicated curtains look just as good. Without adding color, the curtain pattern is made of geometric figures. It is a good way to deal with your own personality without being buried.

Choosing a curtain suitable for your own home can make the monotonous space move instantly and make your home life more romantic and comfortable. Therefore, everyone should think hard and choose good quality curtains. The above is the relevant explanation on how to choose curtains in the living room. I hope it can help everyone.