What Is The Sofa Combination?

What Is The Sofa Combination?

We will consider how to combine the sofas to be pleasant and comfortable when decorating. But sofa combination often has different collocation and placement with different types of apartments, different areas, different needs. Today, we’ll learn how to arrange the combination of living room sofas. You can refer to it according to your own situation.

1. Combination of L-sofas

You can directly put an L-sofa for a relatively small living room and a three-person family. There are many ways to place L-sofas. For example, three-seater sofa and two single sofas or three-seater sofa and two-seater sofas to form an L-sofa combination. These various ways can be combined according to their own preferences. 

L-sofa can sit or lie down, which is a very humanization and can meet the daily needs of a family. If your living room is less than 15 square meters, a simple L-sofa is enough.

What Is The Sofa Combination?
  • Three+One sofa

Under the condition of allowable area, we can consider using multi-person sofa and single sofa or chair to improve the living room occupancy rate. Three and One sofa combination is similar to L-sofa combination, but this kind of sofa combination has more transparent and changeable. Moreover, when there are more than four people in the house, a small single sofa seat in the small living room can be a good place for everyone to sit and chat more intimately.

What Is The Sofa Combination?
  • Three+Two+One sofa combination

The sofa combination is suitable for a large living room. The length of the living room is long enough, and pay more attention to the function of reception, so you can use the combination of Three+Two+One sofa combination. And living room can sit down more people at the same time, so that the living room has a stronger reception function.

This kind of sofa is more suitable for large and medium-sized apartments with larger living room. A larger two-seater sofa is chosen on the side which will be full use of the space of living room. The L-sofa can be placing three-seater sofa with two-seater sofa. This can break the constraints of square space, so that the living room looks more different.

The combination of sofas depends on space and human factors. When you choose the combination of sofas, you need to consider your home space, your family member and the size of the sofa, so that you can get the best combination of sofas in a limited space.