What is the difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet?

What is the difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet?What is the difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet?

Among many carpet types, wool carpets are more popular. The living room will be covered with blankets for good decoration and dust protection. But many people have new questions. Why do so many people choose wool carpets wholesale and what are the benefits of wool carpets over regular carpets? Today, we will talk about the difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet from three aspects.

The difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet: breathability and comfort

The wool blanket is more elastic and soft and delicate. The wool elastic fiber directly contacts the skin, can stimulate the capillaries, and improve the air activity layer formed by the space between the microcirculation fibers of the human body. It ensures the oxygen supply and normal humidity of the skin, and making people feel fresh and comfortable. Its most prominent features are warmth, ventilation, moisture, and even adjuvant treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The average carpet is still very different depending on the material. The main materials of the carpets on the market are still mixed more, but the hybrid carpets are not as breathable as pure wool carpets.

The difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet: practicality and maintenance

Wool carpets have always been used by nobility, and their comfortable feel and superior texture often create a noble atmosphere and luxury for home furniture wholesale décor. However, pure wool carpets require a lot of maintenance, and their moisture and insect resistance are very poor compared to ordinary carpets. So when you enjoy it on a comfortable day, you have to take care of it. Ordinary carpets, because of the choice of modern fibers, are very strong, and now many blended carpets are added with certain moisture and insect proof functions.

The difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet: adsorption and moisture absorption

The wool carpet has the advantages of warm, soundproof and no pollution. It has bright color, thick texture, thermal insulation. Meanwhile, durable, non-sticking and environmental protection are also its benefits. Moreover, its adsorption power is much higher than that of ordinary carpets, which can reduce indoor formaldehyde content and carbon dioxide.

Wool carpets also have moisture regulation and moisture absorption, flame retardant and electricity resistance. Wool is an animal fiber and therefore has a certain respiration effect. When the indoor humidity is high, the wool can absorb moisture. When the room is dry, the wool can release moisture. This performance not only regulates indoor dry humidity, prevents combustion, but also prevents electrification in indoor air.

Combining the above, it is not difficult to see that the wool carpet has a greater advantage than the ordinary carpet. It is also a medium and high-grade product of the carpet, especially suitable for the VIP room, general manager’s office, reception area, hotel suite and other spaces. Spreading a wool carpet can also improve the quality of the space.