What is the difference between handmade carpet and woven carpet?

What is the difference between handmade carpet and woven carpet?What is the difference between handmade carpet and woven carpet?

Carpets are widely used in various places, such as shopping malls, offices, hospitals, etc., can be said to be everywhere. Carpets not only have the effect of reducing noise and heat insulation, but also have decorative effects. Therefore, the stalls have won the favor and choice of most people. At the same time, carpets are also a key object that cannot be ignored in home soft furnishings. For the type of carpet wholesale, we generally divide into two categories: hand-woven carpet and woven carpet. What is the difference between them? Let’s take a look at it together.

Carpets are mainly divided into two categories, namely handmade carpets and woven carpets. Handmade carpets have unparalleled technical and artistic value of general weaving and chemical fiber carpets, and are traditional export products in China. The pattern of hand-woven rugs is rich in content and strong in three-dimensional sense. The weaving of flowers and scenery is very realistic. It is like relief. It has high use value, collection value and appreciation value. It has been well received by customers and furniture manufacturer for many years.

Woven carpets generally refer to carpets produced by mechanical equipment as compared to handmade carpets. Woven carpets are mainly made of woven fabrics, mass production, short production cycle, and large output. This woven carpet is widely used by domestic and foreign companies. It is precisely because of the emergence of woven carpets that the carpets once owned by the upper class have entered the homes of ordinary people.

1. The characteristics of handmade carpet

The hand-made carpet is a purely hand-made production process. The technicians use the traditional tools according to the drawings, and use traditional methods to attach the colored silk one by one through the use of these materials to vividly display the pattern on the carpet, so that the woven carpet is consistent with the pattern design. The color is rich and bright, the level is fine, and the workmanship is fine.

Handmade rugs combine the essence of Persian culture with Chinese traditional culture and are suitable for different levels of consumer demand at home and abroad. The products are divided into low-end, mid-range, high-grade and other different specifications, and have the dual functions of home decoration and collection preservation.

2.The characteristics of woven carpet

Woven carpets are designed by computer to automatically control the production line, from one-step production of raw materials to mass production of finished products. The raw materials are silk, polypropylene, acrylic, cotton yarn, wool, etc. The products are characterized by bright colors and distinct layers.

The design of the woven carpet draws on the artistic style of hand-knitted patterns, and designs patterns of flowers, birds, mountains, and characters with modern elements. There is also a pattern of cute cartoon patterns, which is more suitable for children. It also utilizes the characteristics of traditional patterns to make the products closer to life, relatively inexpensive, and has a very high use value, becoming the first choice for many home soft furnishings.

To make some adjustments to the home improvement, using the carpet is the most direct and easiest way. As long as it is properly replaced, it will create new colors throughout the home, thus changing the atmosphere of the entire family. Of course, whether you choose a hand-woven carpet or a woven carpet, you can mainly rely on your own budget and preferences.