What furniture manufacturers should do to be more competitive?

In the past 30 years,China’s economy has undergone revolutionary changes. At the same time, the furniture manufacturing is facing tremendous pressure due to rising costs. Over the past decade, some people have been rumoring that the future of the furniture industry is worrying. They constantly emphasize the decline of the furniture manufacturing industry. Indeed, due to the accumulated shortcomings over a long period of time, not only consumers have a lot of complaints – such as environmental protection, prices, after-sales and so on, but also practitioners have sufferings to say. This means that the furniture manufacturing industry must undergo a self-renewal, only “break the situation” can survive or even develop. And sticking to the same, it can only be a dead end. What does that furniture manufacturer should do to be more competitive? Now follow me to find out it.

1.Creating excellent products that are difficult to replicate

Any furniture company ,which occupies a place in the global business rankings, has excellent furniture products that are difficult for others to replicate. It is these products, such as buy dining chairs, that enable them to successfully get many consumers’ choices. If furniture manufacturers want to create excellent furniture products, they can think about not only the materials, but also  the production mode. Or they can devote their efforts to the development and utilization of furniture design resources. In short, your products must be unique, or even monopolized, in order to make excess profits in the market.

2.Establishing your own brand

As all we know, the function of brand building is very important. There are many categories of furniture industry. So it is very important to establish the leading brand of its own category. Of course, it needs to strengthen brand publicity on the basis of expanding the market at the same time. Some furniture manufacturers pay too much attention to the essence of brand promotion, and lead to loss. In fact, the basic principles of brand promotion are not well grasped and improperly operated. Of course, brand promotion occasionally fails, and even experts are unavoidable. However, in any case, successful brand promotion can make you a monopolistic market power.

3.Establishing a sufficiently trusted transport channel

Furniture products transport from the warehouse to the hands of consumers, which must be a certain channel. Whether this channel is trustworthy is a big question even for business veterans. Some furniture manufacturers are good at brand promotion and can also develop good products. But they can not succeed without a sufficiently trusted transportation channel. In the past, there was only one choice for channels. It is physical stores. However, now people are facing two  choices of online and offline. How to integrate these two choices into a whole is a considerable test of enterprise intelligence. Furniture manufacturers, while considering their own interests, must coordinate the distribution of interests online and offline. In short, manufacturing cannot succeed without strong, loyal and reliable channels.

Nowadays, it is impossible for furniture manufacturers to make a fortune by fighting price war. The times are different, while competitors and market environment have changed greatly. Everyone is calling for “consumer upgrade” and consumers are beginning to pay attention to really good quality furniture. Furniture manufacturers hope to win the turnover rate through low prices has become increasingly difficult. And the long-term price war is not conducive to the development of enterprises. The right way is to make great efforts in furniture performance, improve design, improve quality .