What factors should we pay attention to when decorating the kitchen?

Kitchen is an indispensable part of family life. It is not only a cooking place, but also a reflection of people’s quality of life. Today, kitchen decoration is also very important for family design. Creating a reasonable spatial layout will make your kitchen more coordinated, and choosing the right kitchen countertop will also improve your happiness index when cooking. Do you know what wholesale furniture supplier should be paid attention to when decorating the kitchen? Now let’s learn about it.

What factors should we pay attention to when decorating the kitchen?

The layout of kitchen space

First, we should know the layout between the kitchen and the porch. Because the location of the kitchen is usually close to the entrance, and the entrance is the place where people come and go, so between the kitchen and the entrance need to have a more decorative door to discontinue. Then the position of the entrance is often far away from the lighting, if it close to the entrance the kitchen will lose direct lighting.

The relationship between kitchen and dining room is the closest, so it should be close or even connected. Western-style families prefer open kitchen, because there is no lampblack. Besides, the open kitchen and dining room can form a very comfortable dining environment. However, we must first see which side of the kitchen wall is loaded when designing the kitchen boundary to become an open kitchen. Because if the load-bearing wall of the house is damaged carelessly, it will even affect the safety of the whole building.

Design details of kitchen countertops

Choose a suitable width to ensure the stability of the countertop. The countertop is generally about 65 cm wide. After designing the position of the stove and the sink, there is still enough space in front of and behind the countertop, which will make the countertop more stable. It can prevent the cabinet from being eroded by water very well if the design of back water retaining, upside-down flanging and water stop line. The acrylic countertop is flanged to prevent the cabinet from entering water and erosion if the back and wall are sealed. In addition, it is suggested that quartz stone be used as the original edge, and a water stopper should be designed at the edge of the table bottom. Water droplets can be dripped along the water stopper line, which can also avoid the erosion of water to the cabinet. So it is necessary to place a cushion to avoid the deformation of the countertop because the countertop is frequently used. Most of the table washers on the market are gaskets, which can be added with a full liner at the bottom of the table to make them more uniform and durable.

What factors should we pay attention to when decorating the kitchen?

A good decoration design of kitchen can not only bring you a clean and comfortable cooking environment, but also improve the quality of your family life. Therefore, we must understand some precautions in the design or decoration of kitchen. And we as far as possible to avoid the inconvenience caused by various factors after decoration in the kitchen decoration.