What does a simple style furniture design look like?

In recent years, simplicity has been popular, especially among the younger generation of office workers. Modern simple decorative style elements in the implementation, pay attention to simplicity and popular. Let’s take a look at it.

  • The overall style is concise and lively

   Simple decoration style pays more attention to interior functions and don’t have too much decoration. So the functional distinction is more obvious. Furniture layout needs to match with the overall space, mainly with personalized and simplified decoration.

Modern style home pays attention to function and space organization. It pays attention to giving full play to the formal beauty of the structure itself. It opposes repeated decoration and advocates reasonable space layout.  From the material itself, it pays attention to the texture and color matching effect of the material itself. The designs of the layout based on functional instead of traditional symmetrical way. It advocates to maximize efficiency in limited space, emphasizes that form should obey furniture function, and abandons redundant additional decoration from a practical point of view.

  •  The use of tones is simple and bold

  The color of simple wind home  does not lie in quality but in the collocation. Too many colors will give people a sense of confusion. In the modern simple style, it is a good choice to use some pure color collocation. For example, black, white and gray is a classic match. So no matter the shape or the spatial layout of furniture, it  can give people a fresh and amazing feeling. The combination of warm colors, such as orange and yellow or colder colors ,such as blue and green ,is also a feature of the simple wind.

In modern home space, black, white and gray tricolor is the most widely used. Because  they can bring people jump visual effect. The flexible use of a large number of high-purity color, not only follow the modern home style, but also well reflect personality.

  • The choose  of unique jewelry

  Simple style decorations are relatively simple.It is not much, but each piece of jewelry is unique. The lines is simple but have personality. When we choose a fully personalized decorative painting,we will not simply choose a modern simple style decorative painting for the overall beauty, but use many decorative paintings to shape. The decorative paintings placed asymmetrically can greatly increase the layout interest. And there will be no restraint in the interior. The folding sofa, tea table, TV cabinet and other furniture are the same. simple lines, simple combination, plus surrealist decorative paintings, metal lampshades, personality pillows and other elements, can constitute a comfortable and simple simple living room space.

 Above is the focus of simple style furniture design. Whether from style matching, color matching or the choice of accessories, we should pay attention to every detail, so that the whole family is full of warm.