What do solid wood furniture factories need to concerned of making furniture?

With the development of social economy, various kinds of new materials are used in furniture, but solid wood is still widely used in furniture as the most original material of furniture. There will be some quality problems after a period of time because of the characteristics of solid wood products. We often see that solid wood furniture will crack and deform, and these problems are closely related to the wood and processing process. What should solid wood wholesale furniture supplier pay attention to in the process of making furniture? Now let’s know together.

What do solid wood furniture factories need to concerned of making furniture?

The main factor causing the cracking and deformation of solid wood furniture is the materials’ shrinkage and bulking of wood itself, which will be prone to cracking, frame deformation and other quality problems of solid wood furniture. Besides, if we don’t pay attention to these places, it will lead to cracking and deformation of solid wood furniture in the production and processing process.

Firstly, the low humidity in the workshop of furniture factory: the dry environment will accelerate the volatilization of water on the surface of wood, which will increase the risk of wood cracking. Secondly, long processing time will also lead to poor quality of solid wood furniture if we don’t know the product progress, many solid wood furniture factories are generally separated from production and purchase, so that the transfer of materials will be too hasty, so that there is high moisture content of materials.

Closed warehouses for storage generally exist only in large enterprises, and open warehouses are commonly used in small and medium-sized enterprises, which will make wood more vulnerable to erosion due to changes in the external environment and destroy its quality. In addition, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers will casually choose materials, which make furniture more prone to problems. In view of the some problems of solid wood furniture, what should be done in the production process of solid wood furniture factory?

What do solid wood furniture factories need to concerned of making furniture?

Requirements of Solid Wood Furniture Production Environment

The airtight of the production workshop should be good, while ensuring that the workshop has the function of automatically adjusting the internal humidity and temperature. According to the regional and seasonal differences, the indoor humidity and temperature can be automatically adjusted. In addition, the drying criteria should be determined before wood drying, and the secondary drying treatment of the later stage can reduce the probability of warping and cracking of finished solid wood dining chairs.

Structural and Processing Requirements of Solid Wood Furniture

The combination of jointed board is an important factor to prevent its cracking. Practice has proved that tenon is especially effective to prevent the cracking of wood. Solid wood furniture factories mostly adopt Assembly Line Production Mode in processing. They can ensure that all parts of the same batch, the same variety of furniture can be processed simultaneously, so that there is no obvious difference in moisture content of each part.

Requirements for Details of Solid Wood Furniture

The priority of processing can be given to for parts with complex processing technology. When mass production, multi-batch processing can be adopted to shorten the processing time. Painting determines the aesthetics and waterproof ability of furniture. After the end of the pre-processing of wood products, the white embryos formed should enter the painting stage at the first time. For those parts which are not painted at present, plastic film should be used for sealing treatment.