What determines the price of leather sofas?

What determines the price of leather sofas?

Now our income level has increased, so we hope to decorate the house beautiful, especially the living room. Beautiful living room not only will bring a better home style, but also a good place to entertain relatives and friends. There will be a set of sofa in the living room. Leather sofa is loved by everyone for its unique advantages and is widely used in our life. Do you know the price of leather sofa? Now, let’s take a look at the price of leather sofas.

    Leather sofa is popular because of its material. The leather fabric is soft and delicate. It feels smooth with hands. The cushion is comfortable and elastic. Besides, it has good air permeability, water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance.

A set of genuine leather sofa will be soft and thick, the craft is complex and meticulous, the design is exquisite, and so the price is more expensive. But there are several kinds of leather, such as cow leather, cattle hide, horse hide, and donkey hide and so on. Different raw materials will lead to different prices of sofas. The price of leather sofa varies greatly, which is related to a series of factors, such as brand, material, manufacturing technology, after-sales service. Therefore, it is difficult to give a specific price of sofa.

In addition to leather, the price of genuine leather sofas is also related to the amount of leather materials. For example, single sofas are cheaper and can be purchased in less than 1000 Yuan, while couch or leather sofas combination are much more expensive, maybe thousands or even tens of thousands Yuan.

Moreover, leather sofa is divided into full-leather sofa and semi-leather sofa. Full-leather sofa, as its name implies, is all made of leather fabric. The back and bottom of the semi-leather sofa are replaced by polyurethane or synthetic leather PVC, while the direct contact part of the human body is still the cowhide with high value. But this design can reduce the cost of the sofa very well, so the semi-leather sofa is much more economical than the full-leather sofa.

The more delicate and exquisite technique, then the more expensive leather sofa, after all, labor can also be a large cost. The high quality leather sofa will be better, but the price of leather sofa is at least 7000Yuan. So the price of leather sofa won’t be only thousand Yuan. 

Different brands will also affect the price of leather sofa. The price of sofa will generally be higher of some famous brand or manufacturers. After all, the sofa of this brand can be assurance, so the technology or materials are trustworthy.

In a word, the price of leather sofa will not be very expensive. Generally, there are many types of sofa over 4000 Yuan. However, if you want a better leather sofa, it will be more than 10,000 Yuan. But if you rent a house or just live temporarily somewhere, you don’t need to buy too expensive leather sofa. The 5000-6000Yuan ordinary sofa is enough.