What details should we pay attention to when purchasing commercial sofas?

What details should we pay attention to when purchasing commercial sofas?

It needs some skills to arrange the business sofa reasonably in the office. The commercial sofas in the office should be placed carefully, because when customers visit, the office environment becomes their first impression of the company. Proper placement can reflect a different feeling of decoration, and provide a professional and comfortable office environment for customers.

 Some company will usually go to the office furniture exhibition hall for selection when they purchase office furniture. Because there are different kinds of sofa products and offer more choices. But if you plan to buy a lot of sofas, it is not very cost-effective to go to the general office furniture exhibition hall. Choosing a professional business sofa furniture wholesale manufacturer can not only save a lot of money, but also purchase better office furniture, and can also be customized privately. What should we pay attention to purchase business-sofa?

    Firstly, the appearance of commercial sofa should be symmetrical, the height and size should be appropriate, the material of surface should not have obvious chromatic aberration, and the lattice, geometry, printing and other patterns should be symmetrical. Besides, the fabric should not be damaged, stains, sewing.

The internal frame of good commercial sofa is generally made of solid wood. Good sofa means stable material, smooth surface coating, no cracking and loosening phenomenon. When choosing to buy, you can first shake the sofa by hand to see if the back is shaking, loosing or noisy, touch the seat and back of the sofa by hand can feel the quality of sofa. We also can judge the quality of sofa by sitting on the sofa.

   You’d better choose genuine leather sofa if you buy leather commercial sofa. Leather sofa is divided into cattle hide and buffalo hide. The leather also can be divided into scalp, two-layer leather and three-layer leather. Besides, the leather can divided into domestic leather and imported leather. The high-grade leather sofa is mostly selected first-layer cattle hide. Leather sofa is divided into full leather sofa and semi-leather sofa. Full leather commercial sofa has the advantages of high value, high permeability and green environmental protection. Semi-leather sofa uses PU or artificial leather PVC instead of cowhide on the back, bottom and other concealed parts. Only the direct contact part of human body is still high value cowhide. And it can reduce the cost of commercial sofa, which is economical and practical. In addition, the comfort of the sofa also depends on the padding, especially the two armrests and seats, the back seams should be natural and without wrinkles.

   Finally, sit down and try to feel the inclination angle of the back of the sofa or the arc of the back seat.

 The height of the pillow and back is appropriate; the height of the armrest is consistent with stretching of the arms. If the sponge can be restored as it was before, so the commercial sofa is really worth choosing.