What details should be noticed when purchasing a carpet?

After many friends’ new houses are renovated, they always feel that other people’s houses look better. The houses they decorate are not so beautiful. Have you ever thought about the lack of carpets? The size, color, pattern and material of carpet wholesale are different. Give people different feelings. If properly matched, it can add a lot of color to the room, and it can also reflect the home taste of the main family. If you want to buy a carpet, what should you pay attention to?

First, the first thing to buy a carpet is to understand the carpet material. There are many different materials for the carpet, which are not resistant to moisture and moisture. For example, wool carpets have poor moisture resistance and are not suitable for the south. Those who like carpets can use insect-resistant and moisture-resistant cotton and linen carpets. The easiest way is to remove a few lines from the carpet and identify the material of the carpet based on the burning conditions and smell.

Natural plush is burning without flames, smoke, bubbles, and odor. Ash is a relatively lustrous black solid that can be crushed gently with your fingers. Nylon burns without flame, and the fiber quickly curls and melts into The colloid is finally cooled into a hard brown hard ball, and it is not crushed. The plastic material is burning yellow flame, the fiber is quickly curled, melted, almost no ash, and becomes a hard block after cooling, which is not easy to be broken. The acrylic fiber burns slowly and has an octyl smell. The ash is a brittle black block. The polyester fiber burning flame is yellowish white, very bright, very bright, no smoke, and the ash turns into a black block. Through the above methods, it is easy to identify the type of material and avoid being deceived.

Second, the tips for identifying carpet quality. Press the thumb on the carpet and press it back to the original state, indicating that the velvet has better density and elasticity. Or fold the carpet and see that the bottom pad is more ugly and clear, indicating that the plush is more tightly woven and more durable. As for the weight of the plush, we can look at the description on the label to know the composition and type clearly. When choosing a carpet to match dining chairs, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there are dust, anti-fouling, anti-wear, anti-static and other guarantees provided by the manufacturer. The general performance of the domestic carpet is treated by abrasion resistance, anti-static and anti-pollution.

In addition, pay attention to the location of the carpet and whether there are people walking there frequently, because different activities should choose carpets of different materials, such as porches, halls, etc., use high-density, wear-resistant carpets (such as short velvet, Twisted velvet, etc.; places where people are less likely to walk, such as bedrooms, can choose soft plush carpets.

The carpet not only has a decorative function, but also has a function of separating spaces. If you feel that it is difficult to distinguish a place, such as the living room and dining room, then you can consider separating it with a decorative carpet, which can increase the spatial level of the home and show your personality.