What aspects of kitchen’s color matching need to be considered?

A lot of different kitchen furniture can affect color matching in kitchen, including cabinet color, countertop color, wall brick color, floor color. Generally speaking, the color matching of kitchen should follow the principle of simplicity, brightness and space. Some people like to use traditional white and black, while others like bright and light colors. However, the color matching of kitchen is mainly considered from several aspects. Let’s have a look together.

Colors should not be complicated. The kitchen is a place for family cooking and preparing meals, besides, we need to put some food and utensils in a limited space. Therefore, we should focus on the unity when choosing the color of furniture and interior decoration materials. We had better choose about three kinds of colors. It will cause people to have a sense of confusion, visual fatigue or distraught if the color is too complex. At the same time, the reflection of various colors will also affect the original color of food and the cooking effect.

The color reflects the style. Kitchen requires higher sanitary conditions. The light tones will give people a simple and relaxed feeling, but we must consider the collocation of various materials in order to clean. Wood-color and warm tone give people a warm and calm feeling, and can also create a good atmosphere. When designing the color of kitchen, we should consider the color of all furniture. We should also pay attention to the influence of material, lighting, orientation and other factors on the space. For example, choosing warm light tone can improve reflection dining table wholesale coefficient.

What aspects of kitchen’s color matching need to be considered?

The sense of space: The space of kitchen of ordinary family is not big, if the color of furniture, various appliances and utensils is unified, the visual space effect can be enlarged in the sense. In the design of open kitchen, we should be coordinated the color of kitchen with the color of dining room and living room.

High-profile furniture color: Because cabinets and other furniture account for a large area proportion in the kitchen, so its color often has a great impact on the environment. The requirement of kitchen furniture color is to show clean and relaxing features. We should choose those colors which can improve lighting indoor of the main color.  Moreover, we must show the characteristics of the environment bright, clean and hygienic when choosing the bright color.

Black and white classic match: In addition, black and white is always the classic color combination in the room decoration and fashion trends. The main color is black and white of popular design elements in the kitchen, which can bring concise, capable and rational effect. Black can best show the simplicity of modern style, while white can show the purity of modern style. Nowadays, with the integration of art and life, the classic black and white color have begun to change differently, and different colors are used to create more colorful effects of the kitchen. For example, the combination of black, white and grey color can create a more elegant and simple effect; we also can match with warm yellow to achieve a more warm effect.

What aspects of kitchen’s color matching need to be considered?

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