What are the types of restaurant decoration paintings?

In family life, we more or less hang some decorative paintings at home to dress up and beautify the home environment. Especially in restaurants, we usually choose to enjoy food in the restaurant or to communicate with family, so we attach great importance to the decoration of the restaurant among furniture wholesale. Good decorative paintings can not only beautify the restaurant, but also increase appetite and cheerful mood. However, there are many kinds of decorative paintings on the furniture market. How to choose a decorative painting suitable for placing in a restaurant? Let ’s take a look together.

The most common in Chinese restaurants is bird and flower paintings. When decorating a restaurant, it is usually decorated with traditional Chinese paintings of flowers and birds. Traditional Chinese flower and bird paintings are one of the essences of traditional Chinese culture and have always received people’s attention and love. The picture is fresh and lively, and the content is harmonious. Generally speaking, in addition to flowers, birds, fish and insects, fresh fruits and vegetables are also used. Some auspicious allegorical paintings of flowers and birds are the best choice for restaurant decoration painting.

What are the types of restaurant decoration paintings?

Chinese-style restaurant walls usually like to decorate some elegant freehand ink paintings. This decorative ink painting is divided into several sections. During the decoration process, you can make appropriate adjustments according to your preferences, so that the same type of restaurant background mural paintings can bloom different beauty among different people. Gentle bamboo, clean plum blossoms, and elegant orchids are all very suitable for Chinese restaurant decoration. If another clock is set in the middle of this picture, the decorative painting will have both decorative functions and practical value in an instant.

Decorative paintings are hanging on the walls of the restaurant or on the cabinets. The most common theme is fruit. Several ripe tangerines with pastoral oil paintings make the restaurant full of life. Choosing different types of fruit restaurant wall decoration paintings can make the restaurant background wall decoration paintings bloom differently at home. Of course, if you like the modern style, you can choose the watercolor type fruit painting with abstract lines for decoration, which can make your restaurant full of fresh and natural feeling.

Oil painting restaurant wall decoration painting During the decoration process, you can choose the content of the painting according to your preferences, which can be scenery, people, utensils, etc. As far as possible, choose bright and vivid colors for the colors of oil paintings. Such decorative paintings can promote appetite in the restaurant. Don’t choose horrible, dark works, as this will reduce appetite. Decorating the restaurant with oil paintings adds an artistic temperament to the restaurant. Bright and lively colors sometimes just add a little fun to life.

The restaurant is where we eat, rest, and exchange feelings, and its main function is to eat. Therefore, the decoration of the restaurant should not only be beautiful, but also practical, and the most important thing is to adapt to the atmosphere of the restaurant. Therefore, when choosing restaurant decoration paintings, it is necessary to meet the style of the overall decoration, and also to meet the personal preferences of the residents, so as to maintain a pleasant dining atmosphere.