What are the top ten sofa brands?

Nowadays, people are pursuing the sofas with more and more requirements. People who want to buy sofas need to know the ranking of sofa brands. So what are the top ten brands of sofas? Let’s take a look.


IKEA should be the most familiar foreign furniture brand. IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943. The design is exquisite and the variety is different, the cheap price is its biggest characteristic. IKEA sofa is generally made of fabric material with a variety of colors and styles and simple design. It is very suitable for modern home decoration style, especially for young people. Moreover, the price is directly proportional to the quality, and the performance-price ratio is very high.

Royal Furniture

Royal furniture is one of the most famous furniture brands in Hong Kong. It is famous for its famous brand advantage, perfect marketing system and leading design technology. The sofa style of Royal furniture is changeable, luxurious and noble European sofa. The fashionable and simple modern sofa is full of mysterious Nordic sofa. So the Royal furniture can meet the needs of any home decoration style.


CHEERS is a sofa brand from Britain. It has been the first seller in Hong Kong for ten consecutive years and has made good progress in the mainland. CHEERS has developed the first class sofas, high-end sofas in Europe and America, besides, the fashion sofas and other series of CHEERS can meet the needs of different consumers. The sofa of CHEERS is mainly made of high-grade leather material. The leather material has waterproof and anti-fouling properties, and its texture is very soft.


QM is a leading large and standardized furniture group integrating design, production and sales, besides, QM has become the most design-oriented modern furniture brand in China. Simple, modern and fashionable style is the pronoun of QM sofa.


ZUOYOU is leading traditional family life into international family life. The sofa design has its unique understanding of artistic life. It combines the sense of history with modern art and breeds a new style. Besides, it is different from the general sofa brand; it shows high-class appearance to attract consumers. ZUOYOU have achieved real high-end quality from design to materials and technology.


The biggest advantage of QUANYOU is environmental protection. QUANYOU create a healthy and green living environment for consumers. QUANYOU is most concerned about green life from material selection, production, manufacturing and other aspects. Besides, QUANYOU also pay attention to the appearance, fashion, quality of sofa. All the furniture of QUANYOU is green environmental protection, high quality.


KUKA sofa integrates its unique understanding of living room culture into product design and development, which makes the product internationalized, fashionable, younger and leisure. It is different from other products in brand and has distinct characteristics. The types of family sofa include leisure sofa, leather sofa, fabric sofa, and European sofa series.


The wholesale furniture supplier of SUOFEIYA sofa brand has good quality, rigorous workmanship, besides, there are some character of SUOFEIYA sofa, such as solid overall structure, anti-aging, good stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, good appearance, exquisite workmanship, quality assurance.

Red Apple

The furniture products of Red Apple are mainly high-grade furniture. The furniture of Red apple are usually made of high-quality fabrics into sofas. Fabric sofa is mainly made of silk, satin, coarse linen, corduroy and other wear-resistant materials. It has good firmness and thickness, while silk sofa is elegant and luxurious, giving a feeling of light luxury and nobility.


GISI FURNISHING has one hundred and twenty meters automatic sponge production line and professional wood-based panels and hardware processing workshop. It is superior to the national standard in environmental protection and quality. The price of GISI FURNISHING will be higher than the general brand, but it is very affordable relative to the design and quality of its products.