What are the timber for solid wood furniture?

What are the timber for solid wood furniture?What are the timber for solid wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture are mainly made of natural wood or plywood. The production process o furniture is generally mortise-and-tenon structure, which can make furniture more durable. The solid wood furniture maintain the original appearance of logs and can see the beautiful patterns of wood. Some furniture manufacturers also will varnish or paint on solid wood furniture to show the natural color of wood. Therefore, solid wood furniture has a fresh and natural aesthetic feeling. There are many different types of wood in modern solid wood furniture. Let’s look at the characteristics of different wood.

Black walnut

Walnut is mainly produced in North America. It takes decades for black walnut to grow into wood. The long process makes it have the characteristics of high density and hard texture. It is a kind of high quality wood. Domestic walnut is light color and wood surface is generally black-brown, besides, we can see a large parabolic texture on chord section. Black walnuts are fine and uniform in structure, resistant to impact and friction, and not easy to deformation, so they are expensive. Furniture is usually made of bark and rarely use solid wood.

What are the timber for solid wood furniture?


Maple is a temperate wood and can be divided into Soft Maple and hard Maple with grayish-brown to grayish-red color. The annual rings of Maple are not obvious. The biggest feature of Maple is the shadow pattern and obvious luster. The main origin of Maple is from the south of the Yangtze River Valley to Taiwan. Maple is a kind of medium-grade wood, and it is common to use bark and solid wood as the material of  furniture. So it maybe a good choose to buy dining table which is made by maple.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is mainly from Europe and North America and is also a kind of high-grade wood. The wood is pale yellow, elegant in texture, parabolic in chord section, we can see small circle texture of Cherry. The festive color and beautiful wood texture are the reason why the Cherry is a kind of superior wood. Cherry wood has good flexibility and compression resistance, especially suitable for manual processing. Cherry is deeply loved by customers as high-end customized solid wood furniture. Furniture is usually made of wood, but hardly of solid wood.


Birch is a kind of durable wood in furniture industry. So many furniture manufactures use this type material. Its surface has smooth texture. The wood is white and its core is ivory or gray yellow. Birch has good elasticity, which makes many furniture manufacturers more willing to make furniture from birch. Birch belongs to middle-grade wood, so it is very common that the solid wood and bark of birch as material of furniture.

Rubber wood

The original color of Rubber wood is light yellow-brown. Small rays and soft material make the Rubber wood be low-grade wood. Many people always don’t know the difference between oak and rubber wood. Businessmen often call it oak. Real oak is more expensive, such as European white oak with elegant texture and North American red oak with better material than rubber wood. Besides, Pine and Chinese fir also belong to comparatively lower timber.