What are the styles of home carpets?

The combination of good hardware decoration and suitable furniture can improve the visual effect of the whole home space to a certain extent, and then combined with the appropriate carpet, can instantly enhance the warm and fashionable feeling of the space to several levels. So do you know how to choose a carpet based on your style? Are there any skills and precautions? Let’s take a look at together.

1.Chinese style carpet

As we all know, the overall design of the Chinese-style home style is generally very atmospheric. The source of this feeling is because of the size of the living room, and the second is because of the use of symmetrical techniques. Therefore, when using the Chinese-style home atmosphere, you can generally use a carpet with an asymmetric ink stroke, which can slightly break the rigor and restraint of the space. And the color of the carpet wholesale should be chosen as shallow as possible to make it elegant and simple.

2. Nordic style carpet

The Nordic style is known for its simplicity, and its appearance has influenced several styles such as minimalism, minimalism and postmodernism. In the Nordic-style space, it is not difficult to find that its wall is very simple, basically no shape, with decorative painting as an auxiliary supplement. In order to coordinate with the simple and peaceful space, gray and monochrome carpets are the best choice. If the whole room is very elegant, adding a dark color carpet will make the space more intriguing.

3. American style carpet

American style also has different branches, which are classical, partial, and modern. Therefore, when selecting a carpet, it should be determined according to the environment and actual needs. If your decoration style is elegant, the choice of carpet is simple. When the decoration style is thicker, the choice of carpet is a bit more gorgeous. If it is dark brown furniture, you can choose a lighter shade of light brown, which is different from the color of the furniture, but it will not be abrupt.

4. Modern style carpet

The modern style is greatly influenced by the wave of industrial innovation. In hardwear, it is more inclined to integrate some hard industrial materials such as metal, glass and stone into space, thus forming a very low-key luxury style.

No matter how large the space is, it must be spacious. Therefore, there is no need for complicated furniture, and the shape is more clean with a line structure, especially in the choice of carpet. The minimalist, stylish geometric patterns are also popular with modern style.

Finally, the wholesale furniture supplier wants to tell the owners that in addition to focusing on color matching and style balance, we should also choose the size and material of the carpet according to the size and usage habits of the home.