What are the steps of solid wood office furniture production?

I believe that many people know that solid wood office furniture is more environmentally. But they do not very clear about the specific production process of solid wood office furniture. So let me take you into the operation workshop you can not see. Let you know the production steps from materials to finished solid wood office furniture. So you can further understand how a high-quality solid wood office furniture factory produces office furniture.

Step 1: select raw materials. The selected solid wood requires clear texture, uniform color and moisture content, which should be kept at about 8%. Wood bark requires no decay, moth discoloration, hollow, loose, mildew and cracking. The finer one is the wood grain. It must be imported high-grade wood grain. It has bright color, variety and complete wood grain. The basis for selection is generally to screen the color of the material according to the color plate of the product.

Step 2: After selecting materials, the production process of office furniture will begin. Firstly, the cutting surface of the work piece is vertical after cutting. No obvious flaws and saw marks are allowed. And the large plain plate should rise and fall flat according to cutting. Each cutting should not exceed three layers. Then is the glue pressing, edge clearing, sealing, drilling, sanding, assembly, manual sand checking and other steps. In this process, the details should be ensured: when glue coating, the glue amount should be uniformly coated on the surface of the material. On the top, there is no leakage of glue, no excess glue overflow on the edge. The cover panel should be more meticulous, to achieve a smooth surface, to ensure the accuracy of size and shape.

Step 3: create the appearance of office furniture. In the aspect of background color, the wood grain is clear, the paint film has no flowing oil, coarse grains, foaming and separating layer and so on. When grinding the bottom ash, the color of repairing ash must be the same as the color of the product. The grinding should be smooth without obvious sand marks. Then there’s the tinting paint. Finally, the installation and packaging, pay attention to the screw to lock flat, bucket pull and push flexible, no more hardware fittings with less missing fittings and other phenomena. Office furniture have been protected in place of internal and compact packaging without loosening.

In addition, plate office furniture is mostly packaged in flat packages. When transiting, the furniture is dismantled and packed together in smaller volumes. When it is delivered to the office, the reappearance field is assembled and formed. In this way, not only the transportation space is fully saved, but also the transportation cost is reduced, and the installation is relatively simple. It is very convenient to install correctly only according to the equipped installation drawings.

A finished product of office furniture is finished. Above is related knowledge about the product steps of the solid wood office furniture factory . Have you learned it?