What are the personal materials of the kitchen?

Nowadays, the performance of home improvement materials has been greatly improved compared with the past, and more and more wholesale furniture suppliers are focus on them. To some extent, the kitchen is no longer as simple as the requirement to cook. Materials that were not commonly used in the past can also be used in kitchens such as paints, wallpapers, glass, mosaics, and the like. The application of these materials can change the overall effect of the kitchen, and secondly, it can save some renovation costs. Let’s take a look at the kitchen’s personal materials.

1. Large-scale application of paint decoration kitchen is very suitable for urban young people. They often don’t use much of the kitchen, so you can choose scrub-resistant paint for space decoration. The simple decor brings a bright visual effect, expanding the visual space of the kitchen and making life simple and comfortable. In order to pursue the overall beauty, some open kitchens use some color paint to blend into the overall space. In addition, for the fully enclosed kitchen, the partial color decoration can also bring outstanding visual effects.

Coatings may be one of the most suitable materials for the kitchen, and the cost of the coating will not be high. For coatings used in the kitchen, you need to choose a durable and durable product that focuses on stain resistance, grease resistance and scrub resistance. Choose from low-light, semi-gloss or high-gloss durable coatings.

2. Wallpapers are generally used in bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms, and study rooms, while rarely used in kitchens because of their poor resistance to oil stains. However, as the process continues to advance, wallpaper can now be used almost anywhere in the home, including the kitchen. Some waterproof wallpaper can now be used to decorate the kitchen, such as the large-flowered pattern to decorate the classic-style kitchen, and the strip pattern to decorate the minimalist kitchen. The kitchen should be waterproof and breathable. The paper, rubber surface wallpaper or natural material wallpaper is more durable, although the waterproof wallpaper is slightly more expensive than the ordinary wallpaper, and the color is less, but as long as Spend a little thought, the kitchen will be different.

3. Mosaic is the safest and most environmentally friendly building material, especially glass mosaic. It is made of natural minerals sintered at high temperatures and has no harmful radioactive elements to the human body. Its compact texture and light weight make it a good environmentally friendly material. It is also resistant to acids, alkalis and chemicals and is ideal for use in the kitchen area.

4. Many people think that the kitchen has an open function and wants to separate the fumes. In this case, the glass wall can be used for decoration, which is both transparent and can be used as a barrier and is also very soundproof. For young people who are pursuing fashion and modernity, the traditional kitchen design can no longer meet their aesthetic needs, and the glass is innately beautiful and fashionable. Use glass to make a transparent or semi-transparent partition, choose craft glass to decorate the wall or the ground, so that the plain life is also embellished with a few fashionable and modern feelings.

5. The solid, easy-to-clean, heat-resistant and moisture-proof properties of metal materials, especially stainless steel, make them one of the most suitable materials for the kitchen. Such as buy bar chairs to suit whole environment. Metal materials are more and more widely used in the kitchen because of their unique luster and fashion sense. Metal gusset ceilings, metal panels and metal furniture all give this small space a strong sense of modernity and fashion.