What are the options for carpets for outdoor use?

What are the options for carpets for outdoor use?What are the options for carpets for outdoor use?

Outdoor carpet refers to all carpets used outdoors, such as corridor carpets, lawn carpets, and even red carpets and balcony carpets when you are married outdoors. It can be called outdoor carpets. Outdoor carpets are widely used, dustproof and wear resistant.  It is the preferred carpet form for modern outdoor leisure.  So, what are the options for carpets suitable for outdoor use?  Let’s take a look together.

Unlike indoor carpets, outdoor carpets wholesale are made of natural materials such as jute and bamboo. Durable, natural natural fiber carpets add soft neutral texture to the space, giving a natural flavor without creating a sense of color pressure.  Of course, in addition to natural carpets, there are also many outdoor carpets made of artificial materials.  The materials of outdoor carpets are generally divided into five categories: pure wool carpets, chemical fiber carpets, blended carpets, straw carpets and plastic carpets.

1.Pure wool carpet: Pure wool carpet has soft touch, good elasticity, beautiful pattern, bright color and comfortable foot, so it is loved by many people.  Generally, pure wool carpets are divided into woven and hand-woven. Hand-woven is more expensive. Generally, it is not suitable for outdoor use. If you like pure wool outdoor carpet, it is recommended to use woven outdoor carpet, which is more comfortable and cheaper.

2.Chemical fiber carpet: chemical fiber carpet is made of chemical fiber as the main raw material, chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, nylon and other materials, the texture is more comfortable, and wear-resistant, with fire and stain resistance.  Because the price is relatively cheap, it is the most used material for outdoor carpets.

3.Blended rugs: usually made of wool and other fibers, which have high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and tamper resistance.  The blended carpet material has the advantages of wool carpet and combines the durability of various fiber carpets. It is an outdoor carpet with high cost performance.

4.Straw carpet: straw carpet is a natural carpet, processed from grass, hemp or plant fiber, with natural characteristics, style is rural style, more suitable for the decoration of the farmhouse corridor and the rustic style of the family balcony decoration.  This kind of carpet woven with natural materials is very similar to the “ground mat”, especially suitable for sitting or taking a nap in the summer.

5. Plastic carpet: It is a carpet made of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials.  Often used in artificial turf.  The most prominent feature of plastic carpets is that the price is very cheap compared to other carpets.  If you want to come out with an outdoor rug and don’t want to take care of it, or you are ashamed of it, you can choose a plastic rug from furniture wholesale, and now there are many types of plastic rugs. There is always one you will like.