What are the materials of household sofas?

What are the materials of household sofas?What are the materials of household sofas?

What are the materials of household sofas?

The sofa is the carrier of life, so what kind of sofa you choose is what kind of life you choose. In the living room, the sofa plays an extremely important position. It is a resting harbor, a place to gather with family and friends, and it can also show the master’s taste. A really good sofa can also show the high quality home life. Now, let’s know some styles of sofa.

Sofa can be divided into many materials and types, different materials also affect the life, beauty and comfort of the sofa. Sofas are generally divided into these types according to their material: leather sofa, fabric sofa and solid wood sofa. The materials of these sofas are different. When choosing sofas, we may find it difficult to choose. Next, let’s know more about these kinds of sofas.

What are the materials of household sofas?

    Fabric Sofa

There are numerous sofa styles in modern families. People can choose more and more kinds of sofas. Fabric sofa is very popular products because of its unique performance, such as durability, wear resistance, color diversity.

Fabric sofas are usually divided into four categories: jacquard fabric, velvet, cross woven fabric and printed fabrics. Jacquard patterns are made of machine-woven yarns. Jacquard sofa has a strong three-dimensional sense. The velvet sofa has luster and smooth. The process of cross woven fabric and jacquard production are the same. Printed cloth sofa uses printing method to make a variety of patterns, but only one side has flowers, the back has no flowers, which is convenient for washing and cleans.

     Leather sofa

Nowadays, the post-80s and post-90s have gradually become the main force of market consumption. Their pursuit of personality and fashion is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, “fashion” has become an important factor for consumers to choose furniture. They use personalization and fashion sense to propagate their concept of life. Their pursuit of fashion extends from all aspects of family taste. So leather sofa has become their first choice to create fashionable family space.

     There are four kinds of leather commonly used on surface: aniline dyed leather, coated leather, buffalo leather and synthetic leather. The sofa made of all-benzoic leather is exquisite, textural, and not easy to crack and has excellent tactile feeling. Chemical is added to the process of making coated leather, which strengthens the toughness of the sofa. The buffalo leather sofa is slightly less flexible because of its hard material; synthetic leather sofa made of plastic rubber such as PVC and PU is cheaper.

    Solid wood sofa

Solid wood sofa is natural and simple, which can always unintentionally reflect harmony between man and nature. Solid wood furniture generally uses less glue and artificial additives, so it is more natural, more environmentally friendly and healthier than ordinary furniture. There are many kinds of commonly used wood on the market. Different materials will lead to different price. There are some common wood: maple, Cunninghamia Lanceolata, white wax, oak, birch, walnut and so on. The most common character of solid wood sofa is hard and strong. Cunninghamia Lanceolata and maple sofa is soft and durable. The birch and walnut sofa made of wood is delicate, lustrous and tactile, which is loved by many people.