What are the materials and characteristics of armchairs?

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and the improvement of living standards of residents, the furniture wholesale industry had been developing steadily. Especially the armchair has brought great satisfaction to people with its comfort, so it is favored by the vast number of consumers. And materials of armchair are no longer just wood, there are some new materials, such as plastic, steel, software and other are materials. The types of armchairs are also increasing. Do you know what the characteristics of these different materials of armchairs are? Let’s have a look together.

Wooden armchair

Wooden material is the traditional material used in armchairs. Simple design and environmentally friendly wooden armchairs reveal a low-key luxury and elegant temperament. Some decorative patterns carved from wood can make armchairs more ornamental. Modern wooden chairs combine wood with fabric cushion or leather cushion to make chairs more comfortable. Modern wooden armchairs are durable if they are manufactured by joining mortise and tenon structures.

Metal armchairs

Compared with wooden armchairs which have thousands of years of history, the application of metal materials on armchairs has landmark significance. Steel, copper, aluminum and other metals are widely used in chair design because of their excellent physical and chemical characteristics. Metal armchairs have the advantages of smooth lines, simple structure, simple and practical. The metal chairs match with leather can also create a relaxed and comfortable style.

Plastic armchairs

Plastic is one of the best materials to make different shape or style, which belongs to modern new materials. Plastics are widely used in our life. The material of plastic is lighter, but the strength is higher. The armrest and backrest of the armchair are mainly made of plastic, which can match with soft cushion. Various colorful plastic armchairs can be particularly fresh and elegant indoors or outdoors.

Soft armchairs

The soft material part of the armchair is mainly divided into two parts, the fabric and the internal filler. The main fillers, such as sponges, are filled in fabrics or leather and attached to the surface of the armchair. Soft sofa is more soft and comfortable than chairs made of other materials. It also looks warmer. However, it is easy to be scratched by children, so it should be maintained regularly.

We can feel that the form and style of the armchairs are different from before through the understanding of the armchairs of different materials listed above. The various armchairs are not only a piece of furniture in modern home, but also an art ornament decorating the home. The armchair is beautiful in shape and different in style. And we need to know some production process of the chair. In the production of modern chairs, a large number of high and new technologies are adopted, so that we can provide dining chairs manufacturers in large quantities and high quality.