What are the main points of living room decoration?

What are the main points of living room decoration?What are the main points of living room decoration?

I believe that most of the people want the decoration of the house different from others. When seeing the neighbors beautifully decorated living rooms,  I will envy and hope that my home can be decorated like that. So how can we change the dull atmosphere of living room and attract other people’s attention? If you make up your mind, you can completely change the atmosphere at home with a little action. Now, I’ll introduce you to the main points of changing the dull atmosphere decoration of living room.

1. Changing the position of furniture can change a new look.

Try to change the furniture layout that can be seen everywhere in many people’s homes. The sofa moves to the window of the living room, where a long shelf is placed as a receptacle. This change will present a completely different look. If you are tired of the uniform living room decoration, changing the furniture location is the most convenient way. As soon as the furniture position changes, the atmosphere of the whole living room will be changed immediately.

2. New living room with black-and-white contrast

If you want to have a clean and tidy living room furniture, you can hang three pictures of the same size on the wall side by side and match with a white tea table with a great sense of shape. The black edge of the picture is matched with the white tea table. The whole living room becomes concise and bright, with modern simplicity.

3. Using partition hanging curtain to make partition

The kitchen and living room of the small family are mostly connected, so sometimes the kitchen utensils can be seen in the living room. This will make people feel especially messy. At this time, just make a partition between the kitchen and the living room. If you choose to use a complete wall to shield, it will appear crowded and cost a lot of manpower and material resources. So you can simply set up a partition hanging curtain. When you want to shield the kitchen, just pull the hanging curtain up or down on.

4. Single sofa and small table

Is it necessary to place large sofas and tables in the narrow living rooms? A single sofa and a small table can also create a place for leisure. Decoration tone is white, in order to avoid monotony, you can add warm decoration. For example, a cushion with small flowers on the sofa and a cloth cover with the same color on the lamp. Add a little ornaments, you can enjoy the joy of fresh decoration, but also let you have a warm feeling.

5. Cushioned sofa living room

Very subtle changes can create totally different spaces. Firstly, we should resolutely change the large sofa into Tatami. Then decorate it with small tables and cushions, which will make the living room wider and become a place for sitting face to face with guests. Of course, it can also be used as a reading place to bring vitality to the dull life of wisdom, which also reflects the creative dimension of getting rid of old ideas.

6. Changing colors to change atmosphere

The long sofa, which has always been placed in the corner of the living room, is always monotonous in color. However, it is not easy to change the tone every time, so you can also choose to make articles on small ornaments. Among them, the replacement of cushion cover is a method, you can use a variety of green cloth to create a warm feeling, not only trendy and not dull, but also perfect decorative space. And it will make the living room space vitality and hierarchy.

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