What are the main points of kitchen design?

The messy kitchen really affects the quality of life. If there is no reasonable arrangement for several kinds of kitchen appliances, it will bring great disaster to the cook. When we cook, we often feel like we’re in a mess. Sometimes it’s just because the kitchen isn’t used properly. Therefore, in order to make a kitchen handy and beautiful and comfortable, the kitchen decoration design must be carefree. If you are decorating the kitchen and are worried about how to arrange the space in the kitchen, take a look at this article.

What are the main points of kitchen design?

Overall design of kitchen

Kitchen design needs to take into account the wiring and equipment of kitchen appliances such as operating desk, cabinets, cookers, lampblack remover and so on. In the design layout, cabinets and kitchen utensils should be arranged according to the actual area of the kitchen. Small kitchens should try to place only some necessary kitchen utensils and electrical equipment in order to leave enough space for easy use. The big kitchen can arrange Kitchenware and kitchen electrical equipment according to the overall layout style of the room.

Spatial layout of kitchen

The design of kitchen should first arrange the functional interval of kitchen reasonably to avoid more confusion caused by walking. Secondly, we should make full use of the vertical space, install the appropriate hanging structure design on the wall, and place the bottles and cans in the kitchen. Secondly, the depth of the cabinet can be reduced appropriately to increase mobile space; the overall style of the last kitchen should be enriched. You can install baskets appropriately in the drawer, or set various shelves on the wall to effectively store various cooking condiments by category, so that the kitchen looks more open. Broad.

Key Points of Kitchen Design

Kitchen decoration design should first ensure the basic functions of the kitchen – cooking, washing and storage.So the kitchen should be as easy to operate as possible. First of all, the kitchen materials should be firm, easy to clean, heat-proof, moisture-proof, and space light should be sufficient. Secondly, cooking area, operation area and washing area are the three core areas of the kitchen, which can save time and improve efficiency. Finally, the kitchen should also take into account the principle of comfort and design according to ergonomics.

If you worry about the monotony of a single tone, you might as well adorn the kitchen through the combination of different shades of a unified color system, so that the kitchen will look more hierarchical and naturally not monotonous. Space design is like remodeling a person from inside to outside. As far as kitchen is concerned, it is no longer a simple family “gas station”, where not only dining place, but also a good place for family members to communicate. With the change of people’s concept, the trend of kitchen decoration design is becoming more and more humanized, simplified, warm and systematic. With the help of color, material, structure and pattern, it directly deduces fashion.

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