What are the main points of different dining room styles?

Generally speaking, most domestic dining room is in the same large space as other spaces such as the living room. So the style of the restaurant is often designed with the living room furniture wholesale. For the dining room, more design should be based on the overall coordination, using local modeling or color, material changes to reflect its unique functional area. Let’s seethe specific styles of different dining room.

Creating a personal style

The main features of the individual dining room are the novel spatial deconstruction form, unique material selection and matching, and alternative personality furnishings. The personalized dining room focuses on the taste of the home, focusing on the spiritual level of the living environment, and the design is more bold and exaggerated. The creation of a personalized restaurant is generally achieved by subtly dividing the prominent background, walls and furniture with a stylish personality.

Creating a minimalist style

Concise, bright and elegant is the core of simple dining room decoration. For those who like simple style, the restaurant will fade away from the colorful colors and complex shapes, and plans the whole space with smoother lines. Some people will also worry that too simple design will affect appetite. In fact, with the careful lighting design, you can break the dull and show the extraordinary personality of the space in simplicity.

Creating a modern dining room

For the modern society, the most important thing for the family is that people really feel relaxed and practical. The modern dining room strives to create such a home atmosphere that its biggest feature is simplicity and clarity. It abandons many unnecessary additional decorations, designing based on plane composition, color composition, and three-dimensional composition and gives special attention to spatial color and excavation of physical changes. The modern style dining room emphasizes simplicity and style. The dining table can be considered glass countertops. The choice of simple and elegant style, wrought iron, stone and other materials is also a good choice.

Creating a sweet dining room

The smoothness of the lines, the simplicity of the furnishings and the softness of the colors are the factors that create a sweet dining room. Usually, the sweet dining room will choose the neutral color as the main color, so that it will not cause people’s tension because of the excessive ostentation or jumping of the color, which can give people a quiet and harmonious dining environment. In terms of material selection, natural and comfortable panels, bright wallpapers or warm and comfortable antique tiles are the most widely used.

Creating classical dining room.

Classical European dining room pursues a kind of gorgeous and elegant. The main color of the dining room is mainly white, and the dining room furniture is mainly composed of classical curved legs. It uses various kinds of floral decorations, wooden lines, curtains, etc. The space environment shows a gorgeous, rich and romantic atmosphere. Traditional Chinese dining room pursue introverted, elegant, and more simple and straight lines. Wood and antique tiles are basically the main decorative materials, while fabrics, plants, decorative paintings, lamps and other decorative objects play a key role in the decoration of the space.