What are the key points of kitchen design?

We should first ensure the basic functions of the kitchen, the cooking, washing and storage function of kitchen decoration, so the kitchen should be as easy to operate as possible. First of all, the materials of kitchen should be firm, easy to clean, heat-proof, moisture-proof, and sufficient space light. Secondly, cooking area, operation area and washing area are the three core areas of the kitchen. The reasonable layout of these three areas can save time and improve efficiency. Finally, the kitchen should also take into account the principle of comfort and design according to ergonomics.

The space design is very important. As far as the kitchen is concerned, it is no longer a simple family gas station. It is a dining place and a good place for family members to communicate. With the change of people’s concept, the decoration design trend of kitchen tends to be humanized, aesthetic, simplified, artistic, warm and systematic; besides, it can direct interpretation of fashion with the help of color, material, structure, and pattern. 

What are the key points of kitchen design?

Design of small apartment kitchen

The cabinet is the best choice of modern simple style for small kitchen; May as well try using glass or metal materials to improve the visual effect. The rationality of cabinet design is particularly important because of the small space. Hanging cabinet is indispensable, and it is best to use all available space in the kitchen. Small kitchen should make full use of the corner in the kitchen to achieve good results. Some modern integral kitchens use connector or built-in pull-tab to allow the corners to store things.

   Cool tone has the effect of expanding space and is the first choice of kitchen. Ordinary layout is based on blue, but the area of blue cannot be too large and cannot paint the whole wall. It is best to use two colors dispersed orderly brush if the wall more than three square meters, so that the kitchen can be more fashion. The kitchen countertop should use white marble; cabinet should be white and black combination, so that the kitchen looks more refreshing, neat and elegant.

Design of large kitchen

For larger residential areas, in general, the kitchen will leave room for meals. Compared with the ordinary kitchen, the large kitchen can have more space to design. The island-style or base peninsula becomes the first choice of the large kitchen. This kind of design can clearly show the luxury style of the kitchen, for example, fine decoration and fashionable appearance can be seen at a glance. On the top, we can also design aluminum, solid wood hangers, glass bar, which can make full use of space and be convenient for our life.

Design of open Kitchen

Open kitchens are usually combined with dining room or living rooms, which is also separated by simple sofas or countertops. Attention should be paid to the decoration of open kitchen: space layout should be skillful. Besides, we should skillfully use the actual situation of the structure. What’s more, the style of furniture and cabinet should be unified to ensure that open kitchen can naturally integrate into our home style. The tables and chairs in the open kitchen room can not affect cooking.

What are the key points of kitchen design?