What are the factors that affect the price of office sofas?

Office sofa is a kind of office chairs and furniture that company often uses. Here we will introduce the size of office sofa, the price of office sofa and some attentions when purchasing office sofa.

1. The appearance of the sofa.

We can only see superficial phenomena when we come into contact with new things. The same is true when choosing office sofas, whose appearance will be very important. When choosing office sofa, we must pay attention to the appearance, the height, the fabric, and pattern. 

2. The wooden parts of the sofa.

The quality of sofa can not be ignored except appearance.  We must inspect carefully when choosing a sofa. For example, whether there are cracks in the wood; whether they are loosen; whether the paint on the surface is smooth; whether the color and luster are similar, and whether there is a phenomenon of paint falling off. I believe many people don’t want their offices filled with harmful gases like formaldehyde. We may feel embarrassed if sofa has some problems. So it will be safer and more reassuring to find a professional office sofa custom-made manufacturer when purchasing brand office sofa.

3. The sofa frame

You can shake the armrest of the sofa by hand when purchasing a new sofa. We can touch the back of the sofa to feel the quality of the sofa. 

Ordinary office sofa price is generally between RMB1000 and 2000. This kind of office furniture is relatively simple.

There are a wide range of types of medium-price office sofas. The prices of these sofa are ranging from RMB3000 to 4000 and the performance-price ratio is high. The price of this kind of office furniture manufactures is also the choice of most enterprises. This kind of office furniture is simple and reliable quality.

The price of high-grade office sofa is generally more than RMB5000, which is suitable for some large companies. This kind of high-grade office sofa can also be used in the office of senior managers.