What are the dimensions of the sofa?

As we all know, the living room furniture is very important for a  house. The host will feel confident when the guests come to the house see the simple and fashion decoration of the living room.  The living room is the place where people spend the longest time, and the sofa is the necessities and leading role of the living room. Comfort and beauty are very important. You must master the size of the sofa to design our living room. Let’s know what are the dimensions of the sofa.

The size is very critical to make the sofa comfortable. It is not uncomfortable and shows empty of room if the size is not selected properly. It is comfortable to sit, but the space is very crowded when the sofa is chosen large. Therefore, the length of the sofa is often the first point in the design of living room decoration.

Of course, when you buy sofas, it is often change because of  different style of sofa. The design of sofa size should be based on the size of the human body, such as the maximum range of motion of the human body when standing or sitting or lying down. Besides, the length of legs, the width and length of the human body, and the area of turning over, which are closely related to the size of the sofa.

Common size of sofa :

Single sofa is a common kind of sofa. Generally speaking, the size of this kind of sofa is 0.8-1.2m. It is different in specific aspects according to different brands.

Double sofa, the size of this sofa is generally: 1.2-1.8m.  The size is also very different because of different brands. Generally speaking, double sofa’s back cushion is around 80mm.

Generally speaking, three-person sofa is the most common in the living room, its size is about 1.8-2.3m, but it will be different under the influence of design. The three-person sofa fits spatial layout very well. In addition, the cushion is unique foe decoration.

Four person sofa, its length is generally: 2.3 ~ 2.6m. It can be chosen according to your actual needs, if the living room sofa is relatively small, try not to choose this sofa, otherwise it will only make your living room more crowded.

Finally, the size of the sofa should be considered from many aspects, such as space size, tea table size, door and window size. The sofa is not only beautiful, but also makes your whole living room comfortable and harmonious.