What are the classifications and difference of furniture’s form?

Many people are paying more attention to the color, trends and styles of furniture when choosing furniture.The shape and color of furniture are also various and numerous. According to the form of furniture,it can be divided into two categories: mobile furniture and fixed furniture.

Category I: Mobile Furniture

Mobile furniture can be flexibly moved according to the requirements for the use of indoor layout. It includes two different forms: single component and combination. Single furniture is a general furniture with clear function and independent shape, such as chair, stool, dining chairs, tea table, sofa, cabinet and so on. From the point of view of saving area and convenient transportation, individual furniture can also be divided into three forms: stacking, folding and disassembling.

Stacked furniture is mainly used for seats used by a large number of people in public buildings to solve the problem of large number of seats. The main part of folded furniture has multiple folding points, which are connected by riveting or bolts. When furniture is not in use, it can be folded and closed,which is convenient for storage and transportation. Disassembling furniture is a kind of furniture, which does not need fixed joints such as mortise joints and welding joints in structure, but uses joints or components to insert and assemble parts into a whole.

Composite furniture is a unit component that can be freely used according to the needs of space and function, also known as unit furniture and component furniture. For example, the combination of cabinet furniture is called combination cabinet. The combination of multiple sofas is called combination sofa. And the combination of different types of furniture can be called multifunctional furniture. This kind of furniture is a pure industrial design product, which simplifies the combination unit of furniture, so as to facilitate large-scale production and reduce production costs. Consumers can combine furniture as they like. So composite furniture also has the characteristics of diverse functions and simple shape.

Category II: Fixed Furniture

Fixed furniture is a kind of furniture combined with architecture, also known as embedded furniture. Fixed furniture can be divided into several types, mainly fixed with the ground, the wall, the ceiling while fixed on the ceiling floor at the same time. From the form of product expression, fixed furniture includes wood veneer, door, screen partition, cabinet, staircase and other products. This kind of furniture is arranged in the form of wall cabinet in the partition part of the building wall or room, which storage cabinet, desk, chair, bed and other furniture are designed as the combination part of the building. It is especially suitable for the narrow indoor space, and takes into account the dual needs of function and form, and giving full play to the space utility.

However, for rented apartments or houses, it is not appropriate to make too much fixed furniture. It is better to choose some furniture, which is convenient to move and can be removed at any time to adapt to various changes. And it can give the house a new feeling and new appearance at any time. However, the fixed wardrobe is highly respected. Because the wardrobe can be embedded in the wall directly into the roof as part of the home decoration.It has the characteristics of high space utilization, and it can give simple and lively feeling to people. So it’s very suitable for relatively small families.

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