What are the classification and characteristics of the furniture structural forms?

Furniture is designed and manufactured to meet people’s certain needs and use purposes. So the furniture plays an irreplaceable important role in the home environment. Generally the furniture consists of four elements: material, structure, appearance and function. They are interrelated and mutually restrictive.The form of furniture structure depends on the way of joining. According to the different ways of joining furniture parts, it is mainly divided into four categories. Do you know what four types of furniture structural forms are? Next, let’s learn about the types and characteristics of furniture structure.

  • Frame Furniture

Frame furniture is a kind of furniture structure characterized by mortise and mortise joints and panel joints. Traditional furniture is frame furniture, which is an ideal structure formed in the development of solid wood furniture. It uses thin vertical and horizontal bracing materials as its skeleton, thin panels as its main surface, slots and birches as its connection. It is economical and compact. Whether it is supporting furniture or storage furniture, it will generally adopt this form, especially the traditional furniture in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, which can better reflect this point. This kind of furniture uses solid wood and wood. Requirements are higher, mostly mortise and mortise joints.

  • Panel Furniture

All the main components are composed of various wood-based panels or wood-based panels. Furniture connected by connecting objects is called panel furniture. There are two types of panel furniture: disassembling type and non-disassembling type. Because of the simple structure of panel furniture and the use of special connecting parts, panel furniture has many advantages of disassembling and assembly. It is not only convenient for the production and transportation of furniture, but also convenient for the use and maintenance of furniture. It can be said that it is the development direction of furniture production. In panel furniture, plate is not only the shell of furniture, but also the stress part of furniture structure. The bearing capacity of plate furniture is also very good. Compared with real wood frame furniture, the production of panel furniture greatly improves the utilization rate of wood and provides conditions for the automation of furniture production.

  • Curved Wood Furniture

As long as the main material used is furniture made of wood which is steam treated or can be bent into various shapes by multi-layer gluing. They are called curved wood furniture. Quilt wood furniture, with its production process and simple structure, can not only create smooth and natural lines, but also maintain the integrity and durability of wood texture. It is mainly used in chair and stool furniture production, which creates many world-famous household products. Therefore, it is also considered as a revolutionary leap in the production of wooden furniture.

  • Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is a kind of furniture that can change its shape and shrink when it is used or stored. The main feature of folding furniture is that it can be folded and stored. It saves space and is easy to move. It is common in chairs, tables, beds and other furniture. In order to save space and have large capacity, the best choice is folding furniture. However, the use of furniture with high frequency  is not suitable for folding.

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