What are the characteristics of minimalist sofas?

What are the characteristics of minimalist sofas?

Minimalism is a simple life faith. It abandons complicated design and extremely pursues simplicity. We can feel this kind of simplicity in sensory, and feel elegance in taste and thought. Minimalism recover its original simplicity to the original design thinking in the design of minimalist sofa. The sofa gives people a feeling of refreshing and simple except the function of appreciation. The minimalist sofa also has many characteristics.

Concise and clear lines

Minimalist sofas are usually simple in line. It doesn’t have curves except simple right angles and straight lines. Besides, we can see the sofa with simple shape, rich design or philosophy concept, but not exaggerated. It make good use of minimalist design in techniques and remove complex decoration, so we can feel the minimalist style with clean and vertical lines and strong sofa structure.

In the design of space, different design elements are injected into the minimalist space, which can divide the regional functions smoothly and naturally, effectively reduce unnecessary household furnishings, and create a warm and quiet atmosphere, so that people can communicate tacitly. Minimalist sofa with simple and powerful straight line design, especially lines of simple and smooth furniture makes the whole space of our home become more spacious and transparent. The unique artistic style and aesthetic charm reflects the modern minimalist personality.

Simple and pure colors

Black and white are representatives of minimalist, the primary colour bring another low-key sense of tranquility and calm, such as gray, silver, beige and other primary colors. Minimalist sofa uses simple black and white gray, and abandons overlap in conventional design. It can reflect the elegant taste of life.

Diverse Material

Wood, leather and fabric are always the basic materials of sofa. The sofa with minimalist style doesn’t use these materials. Some new materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre, plastics and high density glass are used in modern industry. We can see various kinds of sofa in waterproof, scratch-resistant, light weight and light transmission besides the changeable materials. 

High functionality

Although the lines and colors are simple, the function of the minimalist sofa is not simple. For example, the minimalist sofa can design many storage and deformation functions with high practicability. It can adjust height freely, change the shape of the bed frame, or open it into a storage box, so that the sofa has a strong storage function. In addition, it can also can change into a sofa bed.

Minimalism is also called pragmatism, which is focusing on the quality of life. You can make yourself simpler in a different way and make the experience of minimalist sofas accessible by changing your home life. Nowadays minimalism has become a way of life. The design concept of simplicity is loved by many white-collar people who live in a fast-paced city. They choose the minimalist sofa to live with art .